Arab countries employ Israeli regime’s secret battalions such as G4S


A British-based anti-Zionism campaign group has slammed Arab countries for employing alien security companies such as G4S, describing them as secret battalions and trained spies of the Zionist regime.

PressTV | April 21, 2013

“Employing such companies is not only considered as a way of normalization of ties with the Zionist regime, but it is also deemed as direct cooperation with the Zionist regime to achieve its objectives in the region,” said Ali Hattar, the cultural director of the Campaign Against Zionism in an exclusive interview with Al-Alam News Channel.

“[The UK-based] G4S Security Company enjoys a special position in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and it is involved in many surveillance operations which are performed by Arab countries’ consent,” said the cultural director of the Campaign Against Zionism.

“This company and companies similar to that pose a greater threat to Arab countries than occupation and normalization of ties with the Zionist regime. However, influential authorities, rulers, and some Arab officials invite such companies to Arab and Muslim countries and employ them,” he added.

“Such companies cannot be regarded as security companies as they are in fact secret battalions of Israeli regime operating under various titles. They torture Palestinian prisoners with their instruments on behalf of the Israeli regime’s spying apparatus Mossad.
The elements of these companies are trained and organized people who carry out missions ordered by the Zionist regime in different countries, even in the U.S.,” Ali Hattar stressed.

“These companies even use females to spy on high-ranking officials of the target countries,” he noted.

Ali Hattar then criticized Arab countries for failing to boycott companies and countries who cooperate with the Zionist regime. He described them as regimes serving the interests of the Zionists, who occupy Arab countries through their strategies and plunder their resources and treasures.

G4S is a private London-based security company employed by Zionist regime to provide necessary equipment for Israeli checkpoints and Zionist settlements. The company is also active in kidnapping Palestinians and putting them in Zionist regime’s prisons. G4S also provides equipment for Zionist regime’s police centers in the occupied West Bank and some interrogation and detention centers which are notorious for torturing Palestinian prisoners.


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