Israeli army storms, tear gasses and shoots inside Ashkelon prison and impose tough sanctions on prisoners

[ PIC 21/04/2013 – 08:42 PM ]

images_News_2013_04_21_prison-night-raid_300_0[1]RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Israeli prisons administration imposed on Sunday extremely strict procedures on all prisoners in Ashkelon Prison; after captive Mahmoud Zahran, aged 32 from the village of Deir Abu Meshal near Ramallah, assaulted an Israeli jailer in the prison.

Ashkelon prison prisoner-representative said that three jailers who were present at the place brutally beat captive Zahran and took him to the cell. They have also closed the section and cut off electricity on detainees.

The representative added that several hours later, a large number of heavily armed troops of the Masada and Dror units, accompanied by dogs, stormed the rooms of prisoners, abused and strip searched the captives, without taking into account the patients and the elderly.

The inspections lasted until 8 pm, in the presence of all the IPS officers, accompanied by 900 police officers. They confiscated all the belongings of prisoners in the section and imposed a series of sanctions against them.

The Palestinian Prisoner Society said that the Masada forces stormed Ashkelon Prison, attacked the prisoners using gas grenades and rubber bullets, and confiscated all their belongings.

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