Meshaal: The only path to prisoners’ release is swap deal


Al Qassam Website | 21-04-2013
GAZA – Hamas Politburo Chief Khalid Mashaal confirmed that “efforts to liberate the Palestinian prisoners will double in coming days.”

In an interview with Al-Quds Satellite Channel Meshaal Said “The deal was concluded in a good time, during which negotiations were shared by many parties such as Egypt, Qatar, Turkey, Germany, along with western parties; if we had not endured, we would have achieved half of what we have.”

“PA-Israel negotiations shall hold nothing especially under the current Israeli government; the only path to the prisoners’ release is swap deals and Palestinian unity.”

“We did precise calculations to come up with the most appropriate prisoners to be set free; we studied the number of prisoners, their place of residence, years of imprisonment, patient prisoners, and prisoners held incommunicado,” he said, praising the Palestinians’ reaction to Maiysara Abu Hamdiya and Arafat Jaradat’s death.

Mashaal promised the prisoners “we will not rest until you are released; your families are ours; I will exert more during my fourth term as Hamas politburo chief”.

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