Al-Taj: Israel released me after being certain of my death

[ PIC 23/04/2013 – 08:52 PM ]

images_News_2013_04_23_taj01_300_0[1]RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The liberated prisoner Mohamed al-Taj stated that his release from Israeli jails came after his serious health deterioration, where the Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) were sure that he may die at any moment.

During an exclusive interview with PIC reporter at the medical complex in Ramallah on Tuesday morning, Al-Taj expressed his joy at his release and sadness at the same time for fear of being the victim number 208 due to the Israeli medical neglect towards Palestinian prisoners.

His illness began in 2004, but the occupation did not provide him with the necessary treatment for 7 years till his health condition sharply deteriorated, he explained.

He was transferred to Ramle prison hospital for medical examinations, where he suffers pneumonia and respiratory failure.

The Prison Service has transferred him for treatment in Bar Ilan Israeli prison, where doctors insisted on his need to undergo an urgent lung transplant surgery. The IPS refused to pay for the surgery’s costs, he pointed.

He explained that the doctors told him they would try to give him a temporary treatment for 5 years until being released, but he was surprised for being released the next day.

Al-Taj called on all Palestinian factions to work for the release of all Palestinian sick and old prisoners who served more than 12 years in Israeli jails.

He also called on the PA to activate prisoners’ issue in international forums, and to work for applying the Fourth Geneva Convention of Human Rights on Palestinian prisoners for being war prisoners and not Israeli security files.

His release was a pre-emptive move to avoid any Palestinian popular reaction over his death, he noted.

For her part, Mohammed’s mother appealed the PA to speed up his medical treatment abroad in light of his continued health deterioration.

She also called on Palestinian people to activate the prisoners’ issue and to participate in solidarity events in support of the prisoners’ issue.

Mohamed al-Taj, from Tubas, was arrested in 2002 and sentenced to 15 years for resisting the occupation. He was released a week ago after an Israeli “presidential amnesty due to his serious health condition”.

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