Prison administration takes punitive measures against captive Shuaa Kamanji

[ PIC 25/04/2013 – 05:10 PM ]

images_News_2013_04_25_kamanji_300_0[1]JENIN, (PIC)– Raymond prison administration imposed a fine on captive Shuaa Kamanji, from Jenin sentenced to 25 years imprisonment, and deprived him from visits for a month.

Captive Kamanji’s mother told PIC’s correspondent that while she had been preparing herself to visit her detained son, the Red Cross office in Jenin informed her on Thursday morning that her son has been deprived from visits.

She also noted that the Israeli prison administration has arbitrarily imposed on him a heavy fine of 6000 shekels ($ 1700) as a punitive measure.

Shuaa’s mother called for canceling these punitive measures taken against her son, noting that she has also been subjected to persistent punitive procedures since Shuaa’s arrest, nearly ten years ago.

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