Tadamun: Abu Sisi, Saidi moved to worse isolation cells

[ PIC 25/04/2013 – 09:46 AM ]

images_News_2013_04_25_sisi_300_0[1]NABLUS, (PIC)– The Israeli prison service (IPS) has moved the remaining two isolated Palestinian prisoners Dirar Abu Sisi and Awad Saidi to isolation cells worse than the former ones.

Mohammed Abed, a lawyer with the international Tadamun foundation, said in a statement on Wednesday that the IPS transferred Saidi in early April from Ela isolation to Eshel isolation.

He added that the IPS transferred Abu Sisi three months ago from Ashkelon isolation to that of Ohli Kedar.

Abed quoted Saidi as saying that he was surprised with the decision to transfer him on 3/4/2013, which he at first believed meant an end to his isolation, adding that Eshel was worse than his former isolation in Ela.

An Israeli court had added a four-year sentence on the original 15-year sentence of Saidi for assaulting a prison guard.

For his part, Abu Sisi told the lawyer that he also believed that the IPS was moving him out of isolation, adding that Ohli Kedar is much worse than that of Ashkelon.

Abu Sisi said that he does not see anyone or speak to anyone, “sometimes I think I am living in another planet.”

Abu Sisi is to attend a hearing on 28/4/2013 in which the court would decide on an appeal by his lawyer against renewing his isolation for six more months.

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