PA security arrest Quds Press reporter in Ramallah

[ PIC 26/04/2013 – 08:04 PM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– PA security apparatuses in the West Bank arrested on Friday afternoon the correspondent of Quds Press agency in Ramallah journalist Khaldun Mazloum.

Mazloum’s wife said that a force of the Preventive Security men surrounded the house of her parents in law, in Janiya village near Ramallah, then arrested her husband. The elements of the preventive apparatus informed the Mazloum family that his arrest will not be long.

She told Quds Press agency that Khaldun has been taken to the headquarters of the Preventive Security in Ramallah in the Beitunia district, and that they are making ​​contacts with some human rights official bodies to find out the reasons behind the detention.

The journalist’s wife has also demanded the journalists’ union and all the bodies concerned with human rights and freedom of media to intervene with the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah in order to release her husband.

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