Ten Palestinian refugees detained in Ukraine

Overview | The Genocide on Palestinian Refugees in Syria

[ PIC 27/04/2013 – 10:02 AM ]

images_News_2013_04_27_refugees-0_300_0[1]RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Ten Palestinian refugees, who fled from war-torn Syria, were detained in the Ukrainian city of Lutsk as they were trying to apply for asylum.

These refugees, including two pregnant women and two children, are being locked up until now in miserable incarceration conditions in a jail located about 500 kilometers away from the Ukrainian capital Kiev, according to the action group for the Palestinians in Syria.

The action group said that the women along with the children are locked up inside filthy and smelly rooms separately from their men and all of them are provided inedible food except for one piece of boiled potato served in the evening.

The group affirmed that these refugees were arrested on a charge of entering the country illegally, but such charge could be dropped if their asylum application were processed without delay by the Ukrainian authorities, which is known for its red tape.

It warned that the refugees could stay in jail for a long time, maybe a year, because there is no one human rights group following up their case and the Palestinian Authority embassy in the Ukraine does not care about them.

The group expressed its fears over the health conditions of the pregnant women who do not receive any kind of medical care by the prison administration, noting that one of the pregnant women, who are in her sixth month of pregnancy, started a hunger strike two days ago.


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