Will the PA sell out to Israel for U.S. money? ~ by Khalid Amayreh


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By Khalid Amayreh

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said recently the Obama administration would offer the Palestinian Authority (PA) billions of dollars for development.

It is widely believed that the American “gesture” is intended to bribe and cajole the PA leadership, e.g. Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, to return to futile peace talks with Israel, effectively succumbing to Israeli designs and ceding legitimate Palestinian rights.

A few weeks ago, Kerry was quoted as suggesting that the two-state solution strategy was coming to an end, apparently due to the intensive expansion of Jewish settlement. He said if the “parties” didn’t reach a settlement within one or two years, then the peace process would be over.

The truth of the matter, however, is that the two-state solution vision had been decapitated by Israel a long time ago. This happened with full American knowledge.

The fact that the U.S. chose to say nothing and do nothing about it is an expression of American collusion and connivance with Israel rather than helplessness.

Now the U.S. wants to bully the weak Palestinian leadership to accept a scandalously deformed settlement that would be worse than surrendering to the Zionist entity.

This settlement would take the form of giving the Palestinians a “state-let” on 50% 0r 60% of the West Bank while Jerusalem, the contemplated capital of the Palestinian state, would remain under Israeli control.

In addition, the demilitarized state would have no real sovereignty as Israel would control its border crossings, air-space and telecommunications at least for many decades to come.

More importantly, the right of return for millions of refugees uprooted from their homes and villages at the hands of Zionist terrorist gangs, such as Stern, Irgun and the Haganah would be liquidate and consigned to oblivion.

True, the PA is undergoing a severe financial crisis stemming mainly from the false pretension that it is a “state” when the Israeli occupation army controls every street and neighborhood in the West Bank .

This crisis culminated lately with the resignation of Prime Minister Salam Fayyad who was used for more than six years as a canon fodder to carry out unpopular policies that many Palestinians say served Israeli goals rather than Palestinian interests.

Chairman Abbas doesn’t tell the Palestinian public that he will give up the right of return or accept a solution that would compromise Palestinian rights and national dignity.

However, his political behavior and statements, especially to western and Israeli media outlets, do suggest that the man is willing to give up the bulk of Palestinian rights for the sake of a state, even a deformed state. At the top of these rights is, of course, the right of return for the Palestinian refugees.

The right of return is a national as well as personal individual right that no entity, elected or otherwise, has the right to cede or waiver under any circumstances.

A few months ago, Abbas told an Israeli TV channel that he had no right to return to Safad, his native hometown from which his family was expelled when Israel was created in 1948.

His remarks caused uproar among Palestinians at home and in the Diaspora, forcing him eventually to say that he was only speaking for himself.

Abbas, now 77 years, seems to be in hurry to reach a settlement for the century-old question of Palestine. This is probably what the American and Israeli intelligence circles are noticing and trying to formulate policies accordingly.

Well, the Palestinian cause which outlived many leaders, including Gamal Abdul Nasser, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Ahmed Yasin and Yasser Arafat can likewise outlive Mahmoud Abbas.

Moreover, there is no Sura or verse in the Holy Quran which says that Palestine will be liberated during Abbas’s life.

In the few years following the hapless Oslo accords, the Palestinian people were sold a lot of illusions, false hopes and lies. We were told that the West Bank and Gaza Strip would be transformed into the Singapore and Hong Kong of the Middle East. We know the rest of the story.

That’s why it would be sad and lamentable that we Palestinians make the same deadly blunder once again. One may be forgiven for not learning from other people’s mistake, or under certain circumstances, from his own mistakes as well. But it would be a real disaster when and if one learns, neither from his own mistakes nor from other people’s mistake.

This is why we must avoid the American-Israeli bait, lest we bury our own graves with our own hands.

It is sad and lamentable that a considerable segment of the Palestinian masses are silent or tending to give the Ramallah leadership the benefit of the doubt. Do these people, probably out of gullibility, think that America’s billion are a charity or an altruistic gift? Or are we to follow the Palestinian adage about the proverbial Eid Lamb “Feed me today and kill me tomorrow.”?

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