What you don’t know about hunger strike? ~ by Nour Mahmoud


Al Qassam website |April 29, 2013 |  By Nour Mahmoud

Always, you hear a Palestinian joins hunger strike, so why hunger strike? This article will show you new information about hunger strike.Now remember the Israeli soldier “Ghilaad Shalit ” who came to Gaza to kill Palestinians but the resistance captured him for 5 years ; this story is just of one Israeli soldier the resistance have ever captured . As a result, Israel does all its best to get him free and sometimes just to kill him to escape from its citizens ‘ pressure that it can’t protect them.

Resistance in Gaza does use rockets which can be compared for no any level with the Israeli missiles. 2009 war on Gaza was also to get Ghilaad free which results on killing 5 thousand Gazans.
By the exchange deal, Ghilaad and 1000 Palestinian prisoners were released. But the new is that 400 of them are being re-detained, dozens have martyred in jails, as the Israeli administration of jails do neglect their bad healthy condition. Dozens are patients of cancer and don’t be given more than pain killers.

Lots of authors, pressmen, children, women, university students are now in the occupation jails, upon them all human rights’ violations are being practiced .

Families of prisoners are prevented from visiting them. What if a prisoner finishes his sentence but the occupation would like to renew his sentence! Can that be? Yes, in the Israeli jail it can.

Renewing the sentences of the prisoners , preventing them from visits , invalid food being brought to them , have no right to appear in the court , patients aren’t being given anything more than pain killers are the an answer for hunger strike .

Palestinians ask for new Ghilaad to free them, but today a female prisoner who is a mother of 4 children enters her 12th year in the jails. She isn’t a soldier who came to kill but Ghilaad did. Aren’t 12 years enough for her? Nothing is enough when talking to a cruel occupation.

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A journal published by Adalah, Physicians for Human Rights-Israel and Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights | June 26, 2012

“On Torture” is an edited volume of essays by Palestinian, Israeli and international legal and medical experts and practitioners based on presentations that they gave during a workshop held in Jerusalem in April 2011 entitled, “Securing Accountability for Torture and Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment (CIDT) in Israel: New Trends and Comparative Lessons”.

The essayists explore the history of torture in Israel, the daily challenges that practitioners face in seeking accountability for torture and CIDT in Israel, and the changing face of torture.


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Hunger Strikers, Risks for Health & Life

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