Arab Sell-Out Part 2: Accepting concept of land swaps strengthens culture of concessions, claims Hamas

MEMO | April 1, 2013

arab-league-board-meeting[1]Yesterday, the Arab League agreed to endorse a peace plan that would allow Israel to keep it’s large illegal settlements in the West Bank
The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement has expressed its concern that an agreement over land swaps with Israel will lead the Palestinian Authority and Arab world even deeper into the culture of concessions.

Responding to the news that the Arab League will accept the principle of land swaps with the occupation authorities, a Hamas spokesman added, “We had hoped that the Arab ministerial delegation would ask Washington to put pressure on [Israel] to stop establishing settlements on our occupied land.”

“Long experience with the Zionist enemy,” continued Hamas, “has taught us that it is always looking for more concessions regarding our rights and national positions; Israel does not want peace. It is striving to impose submission on our people and nation and trying to buy time by talking about delusions of peace to impose the occupation status quo.”

The Ministerial Committee for the Arab Peace Initiative has stressed its support for President Obama’s proposals regarding “a limited and agreed-upon land swap” between Israel and the Palestinians.

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