PA security forces detain 38 of Hamas supporters during April

[ PIC 05/05/2013 – 11:49 AM ]

images_News_2013_05_05_pa-security_300_0[1]RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Hamas movement has revealed, in its report issued on Saturday, that PA security services have detained 38 of its supporters, while summoning 9 others during April.

The report confirmed that 20 liberated prisoners, 3 university students, 2 journalists, a teacher and an imam were among the detainees.

12 Hamas supporters have been arrested in al-Khalil, while 10 others were detained in Nablus, 5 arrests were reported in Ramallah, 4 arrest cases took place in Tulkarem, while two other cases were in Tubas, in addition to two detainees in Jenin, and one detainee in Salfit.

Meanwhile, PA Preventive security services renewed the detention of 4 detainees for 45 days in violation of a court ruling ordering their release, the prisoners’ families confirmed.

The preventive security services have continued to summon the liberated prisoner Bahjat Yamin on a daily basis since his release a week ago from PA prisons in which he was subjected to severe torture, in addition to summoning the former prisoner Hazza Amory, a student at Al-Najah University.

The liberated prisoner Mohammed Janagerh’s family has appealed for his release especially after receiving information of being tortured in Jericho prison.

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