Palestinian released prisoner confirms the prisoners’ difficult conditions and condemns media’s neglect

[ PIC 05/05/2013 – 08:51 PM ]

images_News_2013_05_05_prisoners3_300_0[1]KHAN YOUNIS, (PIC)– The liberated prisoner Imad Deeb Skafi, 35, who was released a few days ago after serving 7 years in Israeli jails, has confirmed that the Palestinian prisoners continue to suffer in Israeli jails and their situation has only deteriorated over time.

We were 10 detainees held in a very limited, dark and stinking room that lacks the basic living conditions, he said.

Skafi was detained in 2006 where he was sentenced to 7 years during which he was transferred between 5 Israeli prisons.

The Israeli authorities carried out arbitrary transfer policy against the prisoners to create state of instability and confusion among the prisoners under false pretexts, he confirmed.

He also said that the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) continue to restrict the Palestinian prisoners’ right to family visits by obstructing visit programs and by imposing constrains on these programs, stressing that the families of prisoners from the Gaza Strip suffer from the Israel’s persistent denial of their right to visit their imprisoned family members

The IPS prevented family visits for the prisoners from Gaza strip since Hamas took control of the strip in 2007.

He pointed out to the rotten and unhealthy food offered to the prisoners in addition to the Israeli policies of medical neglect and torture against Palestinian prisoners.

Skafi affirmed that the Palestinian prisoners are subjected to physical and psychological torture, including beating, strip searches, insulting, night raids and many other severe torture methods.

Regarding the Israeli psychological torture methods, the liberated prisoner pointed to the Israeli rumors and lies concerning the Captive movement leadership and prisoners’ families.

He confirmed that during the Dignity hunger strike that lasted 29 days the IPS prevented the hunger strikers from drinking any fluids except water and isolated them in an attempt to pressure them to break their strike.

Skafi condemned the weak popular and official support to the prisoners’ issue, saying that it is only limited to the prisoners’ families.

He confirmed that the solidarity events in support of the hunger strikers do not live up to the prisoners’ suffering.

He also condemned the media’s neglect of their issue, calling for an effective strategy for the release of all Palestinian prisoners.

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