Settlers storm evacuated settlement south of Jenin, attack citizens

[ PIC 08/05/2013 – 10:31 AM ]

images_News_2013_05_08_terrorist-Jews-0_300_0[1]JENIN, (PIC)– A horde of Jewish settlers under military protection stormed on Tuesday evening the area of the evacuated Tarsala settlement south of Jenin city and harassed some Palestinian citizens.

Local sources reported that more than 200 Jewish settlers aboard buses came to this area near Sannur village and stayed there for two hours bullying Palestinian passersby and performing rituals.

Then, they roamed around on Jenin-Nablus street singing and behaving provocatively before going to Mabo Dotan settlement near Yabad town.

During their tour, the settlers chanted racist slurs against the Palestinians and tried to attack some vehicles, eyewitnesses reported.

Other eyewitnesses told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that the settlers blocked the roads on the evening of the same day near Shiloh junction and Zaatara junction and embarked on attacking Palestinian cars, which prompted the drivers to take other long routes.

Many citizens also reported they were stranded at Zaatara checkpoint for more than two hours because of the intensive presence of settlers.

In a separate incident, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) kidnapped on Tuesday a Palestinian young man, from Burqin town of Jenin, at Zaatara checkpoint as he was on his way back from Ramallah to Jenin.

A local source said that the IOF detained Mohamed Mesad, 28, for a while and took him later to an unknown place.

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