Al-Wafaa campaign organizes first aid convoy to Palestinians in Syria camps

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[ PIC 10/05/2013 – 11:59 AM ]

images_News_2013_05_10_wafa-campaign_300_0[1]BEIRUT, (PIC)– European al-Wafaa campaign announced it will send the first aid convoy to the Palestinians in the refugee camps inside the Syrian territories early next week.

This popular move is considered the first of its kind from abroad, sent to support the Syrian camps since the start of the crisis, more than two years ago.

The campaign said in a press statement on Thursday it obtained approvals from the Syrian authorities, after having completed collecting the donations and buying supplies to aid those affected by the Syrian conflict.

The campaign revealed that the convoy will be launched on Saturday morning from the area of ​​Deir Zannoun in Lebanon, where the trucks loaded with aid will converge in preparation for entering the Syrian territories.

It said that this convoy has been organized in coordination with some international bodies, as the UNRWA, and asserted that it will be followed by other convoys.

European Wafaa campaign carried out several relief operations for Palestinian refugees who fled from Syria camps towards Jordan and Lebanon, during the past few months.

A delegation of the campaign had also held field visits to Palestinian refugees to support them and provide them with in-kind assistance.


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