PHOTOS | Provocative settlers march as army suppresses and arrests 21 Jerusalemites

Silwanic | Friday, May 10, 2013 | 00:43


Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —The streets of Jerusalem turned into hit-and-run yards on Wednesday afternoon between the Jerusalemites and Israeli occupation forces which suppressed any youth peaceful gatherings in the city conducted as a response to the “flags dance” march celebrating the occupation of Jerusalem.

The Israeli police allowed thousands of settlers to conduct provocative marches holding Israeli flags -of all sizes- starting from west Jerusalem towards the Western Wall and passing through the main streets of Jerusalem.

During the march, the settlers formed dancing and singing circles in the streets while others were busy provoking the Jerusalemites, insulting them verbally and using some signs. They also deliberately insulted the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) right in front the police that did not move a muscle.

The first youth activity took place in Damascus Gate where there was a peaceful protest holding flags, but the police suppressed and arrested many of the participants as well as hitting them with batons and guns. They also suppressed another gathering in Sultan Suleiman Street and by “Solomon” Cave, another one by Nablus Street. The police also raided the bus station in Nablus Street three times and assaulted the locals and some of the participants in the peaceful protests.

The occupation forces along with an undercover unit (Musta’ribin) arrested 21 Jerusalemites. Director of Prisoner’s Club in Jerusalem, Naser Qos, and Head of Jerusalem Prisoners Families Committee, Amjad Abu Asab said that the detainees were:

Mai Abdeen (30), Ahmad Muna (12), Musa Imad Al-Ghoul, the former prisoner Adel Ibrahim Al Silwadi (30), Ibrahim Shukri Nashashibi, Majd Ghoul, Majdi Abu Gharbieh, Loay Rajabi (17), Khamini Abu Rammouz, Abdelfattah Abdulrahman, Mahdi Haddad, Ala’ Maher Haddad, Daoud Al A’war, Firas Taqsh, Bilal Taqsh, Tamer Qirresh, Omar Wazwaz, Thaer Abu Nab, Bashar Obeidi, Mansour Bughdadi and Fayez Abu Rmeileh.

Basem Zidani from the Medical Relief said that 7 Jerusalemites were injured with bruises during the suppression of the peaceful Jerusalem protests as they were hit with batons and guns including photographer Suleiman Khader.

One Musta’reb was injured by Nablus Street in his hand after an empty bottle was thrown at him after he tried to arrest a young guy; another settler was injured while quickly passing through Nablus Street when it was packed with Jerusalemites who were trying to get to their homes, he was hit with a stone which broke the window of his car and hit him in the head.

Another settler prevented the journalists from taking pictures as she was putting her bag on the cameras’ lenses; the occupation forces did not prevent or move her but they prevented the photographers from taking pictures of the settlers’ march and assaulted and hit many of them.

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