Meshaal renews rejection of a two-state solution

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[ PIC 16/05/2013 – 09:32 PM ]

images_News_2013_05_16_mishaal2_300_0[1]AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Khaled Mashaal, head of the political bureau of Hamas movement, confirmed his movement’s adherence to resistance in confronting the occupation and liberating Palestine.

Meshaal’s remarks came during an exclusive interview with the American Foreign Policy magazine, through which he stressed on Hamas’s rejection of the two-state solution and criticized the recent visit of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

Khaled Meshaal said that Hamas will continue the armed struggle as an option to liberate the land, while Fatah movement has chosen to continue its diplomatic efforts.

Meshaal renewed Hamas’s rejection of a two-state solution, stressing that his movement is not against the Israelis because they hold a different belief, but it struggles against the occupation of its land.

“Palestinians are suffering from the settlement. They are suffering in the detention camps and in the prisons of the occupation,” Meshaal said “[We aim] to stop the suffering of our people in Jerusalem as they are suffering from the judaization of the city … We want real peace that would regain the rights of our people.”

The Palestinian leader has also criticized the visit of U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, saying that “Kerry does not have a new project for peace.”

“Kerry does not have a serious project or vision. The international community should focus on the real problem here, which is that Israel occupies the land and commits most brutal kinds of murders.”

Concerning the Syrian conflict, the Hamas leader said that the Assad regime took the wrong option and was wrong about the vision towards the conflict, not only towards the internal conflict in Syria but towards the whole Arab Spring

“People aspiring for democracy and freedom should have been dealt with through political arrangement to meet their rightful aspirations. This would have reinforced the power of the state and bonds between the people and their leadership and it would have been for the best interest of the country,” Meshaal said.

He revealed to the American Magazine that his movement had presented Assad with a seven-point program for defusing the crisis; however Assad ignored Hamas’s recommendations.

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