PALESTINE NEWS | May 23, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
May 23, 2013 | 24185 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2171 days
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Khatib condemns Israel’s prevention of UN delegation from visiting Jerusalem

Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood calls for effective participation in Jerusalem march

Occupation renews administrative detention of 11 Palestinian prisoners

Palestinian kids face abuse in Israeli military prisons. Urge @WilliamJHague to help stop the trauma now!Join here

The shock: Israel’s State archivist discovers his archive sealed Nakba records prohibiting any1 fr learning truth.

Palestinians in Negev raise their case to Arab League

PA security arrest three Hamas affiliates in West Bank

Another Hit & Run Attack: Jewish extremists run over a Palestinian female student near Safed

When Cars Become Weapons: Settlers Deliberately Wound & Even Kill by Hit & Run Attacks

The Nakba is ongoing. Taking place all over Palestine.
Read this:

#BREAKING: Israeli air force commander said “It is possible to get in a sudden war on Gaza today”.

From YNet Hasbara outlet: IDF to launch nationwide drill as officials ramp up war rhetoric,7340,L-4382632,00.html

Ahrar: Health condition of prisoner Adel Shaniur deteriorates

“If attacked, Israel will not be alone”,7340,L-4383086,00.html

Demolition of an apartment in Jabal Al-Mukabber

Israel general sees increased risk of surprise war

Deterioration in hunger striker Abu Daoud’s health status

Israeli media allege the arrest of 2 military cells in al-Khalil

‘Wars on Gaza have become part of Israel’s system of governance’: An interview with filmmaker Yotam Feldman

Pointless report on another pointless child-killing

WHO: Israeli Permit Approval for Gaza Patients Lowest in Two Years

Five Palestinians Kidnaped In Hebron And Jerusalem

PA office secures release of 4 Palestinians

Palestine Urges UN Security Council to End “Provocations” by Israel –

“Who would want to live in a place like this?”

Al Mezan: Israeli denial of al-Dorra Killing is a new attempt to hide IOF crimes

Jewish extremists run over a Palestinian female student near Safed

Israeli Settler Hits A Palestinian Youth in South Nablus

Israel Arrests 10 Palestinians, including Teenage Students,-including-Teenage-Students-.aspx

Israeli Army Kidnaps 12 Children In Jerusalem

Occupation moved the dean of Hamas prisoners to Gelb’o prison

UN: Fighting displaces most Palestinians in Syria

Israeli settlers run over two Palestinian minors in 24 hours

IOF kidnap seven Palestinian youths in W. Bank

Al-Resheq calls for an end to Egyptian media campaign against Hamas

Jamila Shalaldeh, accused of assaulting 13 soldiers found innocent by Ofer Military Court

Kerry, Abbas Discuss Reviving Peace Talks,-Abbas-Discuss-Reviving-Peace-Talks.aspx

Settler runs over Nablus teenager

Gaza: 2 convicted collaborators sentenced to death

Hunger-striker agrees to Gaza deportation for 10 years

Google Palestine angers Gush Etzion’s settlers

Jordanian government denies closing its border to Syrian refugees

Amnesty: Israel, Hamas committed war crimes in Gaza assault

PA forces continue political arrests in WB

Why does the IDF hold Gaza fishermen responsible for rocket launching?

A million Israeli landmines planted in occupied Palestinian West Bank

Israel considering looser regulations for soldiers in West Bank

ACT Alliance Preliminary Appeal: Support for Gaza and the West Bank – TrustLaw (blog)

U.N. director shows Israel as Arab Palestine –

From a hole in the Wall to home demolitions in the Negev: A week in photos May 16-22

Palestine Festival of Literature: History, challenges and impact – Ahram Online,-challeng.aspx

The Palestine Liberation Movement is not about Anti-Semitism

Palestinian engineer produces 10 ear wheat plant each containing 100 grains

Palestinian hospitalized after IDF handcuffs, abandons him at checkpoint

Israeli Forces Infiltrate Gaza Borders – Bahrain News Agency

Al Jazeera caves in to American pro-Israeli censorship – and repents

Stranded at the Rafah Crossing

WATCH: Gaza children prohibited from visiting imprisoned fathers

Israel (which laundhed the first attack) Fears War of Attrition in (by itself occupied Golan )

Israeli forces detain 5 Palestinians from Jenin

Limited Israeli incursion east of Khan Younis

PA increases VAT by 1%

PMA warns customers to avoid unlicensed bank

Businessmen visit Gaza for investment conference

Israel frees Palestinian MP after 7 months

Kerry receives chilly welcome in WB

Toxic gas used as anesthesia in Gaza hospital

How to tell Israeli and South African apartheid apart

Israeli occupation demolishes 11 Jerusalemite houses within one day

Israeli settler runs over a child in al-Khalil and fled the scene

Israel arrests 7 citizens in West Bank including 3 brothers

Israel renews administrative detention of 7 captives

Mural in Khan marking the Palestinian Nakba

Haniyeh: Sinai security an integral part of Palestinian national security

Utter denial of reality at Huffpo again!

Settler’s Car Rams A Palestinian Young Man In Nablus, In Northern West Bank

The @Newseum (dis)honors dead Gaza reporters – at @DailyStarLeb

(Wide asleep at) UN Urges Concerted Action To Resume Israeli-Palestine Talks
Israel is not looking for peace(talks)

PCHR report documents the impact of the ongoing Israel-imposed siege on Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip

Amnesty’s Annual Report 2013: IDF committed “war crimes” in Operation Pillar of Defense in Nov. 2012

Gisha Position Paper on Gaza Closure: Creeping Punishment

Israel killing the two-state solution ~ by Khalid Amayreh

Six Nautical Miles Not Enough for Gaza Fishermen – Al-Monitor

Read more on the Brutal Naval Blockade on Gaza
and the disastrous effects for fishermen

Why press & journalists are a DANGER for Israel:
All Buttons pushed to MUTE TRUTH
From Tweeting until Termination

Israel immigration recruiting efforts shift to 20-somethings as North American Orthodox immigration falls

Musab Al-Tamimi (22)arrested 2/25/13 sentenced to 5 months for covering Israel’s abuse against Palestinian Prisoners

Alana Goodman broke into closed FB group & spilled beans on journos who think Israel’s al-Dura rpt is crock of shit.

The real ‘Vultures’ are those silencing the killing of 1519 other kids since 2000: MSM

UN has a revelation:
‘Violence displaces Palestinians in Syria’

When Israel’s Ethnic Cleansing of the Living is Not Enough…

Police fail to detain Palestinian who tried to steal decoy car,7340,L-4383176,00.html

Follow @RCIRacism and the Campaign to ban #Israel’s Apartheid out of #UEFA #U21

Panic at Arutz7! Google Says Gush Etzion Residents Live in ‘Palestine’

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