Photo essay: Gas, frisbees and the Apartheid Wall in Ni’lin

 24th May 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, Team Nablus | Ni’lin, Occupied Palestine

Friday demonstrations continue in the village of Ni’lin in protest against the Occupation and Apartheid Wall which runs through the village’s land. Background on the effects of the Occupation in Ni’lin is here.

During this particular demonstration on the 24th May 2013, there were no injuries and those who were climbing the wall (as pictured below) were able to cover one of the Israeli Military Skunk Trucks in red paint. The paint enveloped the front and side windows, putting the Skunk truck out of use for this particular demonstration.


The Apartheid Wall separating the village of Ni’lin from its land, 90% of which has been lost to Israel.


Quote by Martin Luther King on the Apartheid Wall.


Demonstrator climbing the Wall.


Fires are set by demonstrators to damage the Wall.


Damage to the Apartheid Wall after the efforts of the villagers of Ni’lin during demonstrations every Friday.


A protester writes a message to Israeli soldiers on a frisbee.


The frisbee is thrown over the Wall to the soldiers, with a letter attached imploring them to challenge their government.


Soldiers respond with multiple volleys of teargas. In recent weeks, fires set by teargas has damaged hundreds of olive trees and Ni’lin’s agricultural land.


Red Crescent paramedic on the scene in case of injury – five people have been killed by the Israeli occupation forces since demonstrations started in Ni’lin five years ago.

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