PALESTINE NEWS | May 26, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
May 26, 2013 | 24188 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2174 days
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IOF chases Palestinian workers near Jerusalem

Israeli MK storms Al-Aqsa Mosque to prepare for her wedding ceremony

Trailblazing Israeli electric car company to close

Abbas: Time running out for two-state solution

Committee: Israeli forces erect tent near Hebron

Israeli police arrest 4 in East Jerusalem

A Night of Celebration for Palestinian Traitors  For Israel

French singer Julien Clerc urged to boycott Israel

Qraawi: Israel failed to dissuade the MPs from serving Palestinian cause

UK pro-Palestine group raps Israeli dates mislabeling – Press TV

When Israe;’s Cars Become Weapons
To Wound
And even to Kill

Child arrested in IOF storming of Al-Khalil suburbs

Why a Jewish state can never fully protect its non-Jewish citizens

Former Hamas minister briefly detained for insulting cleric

IOF arrests a young man in Ramallah after an attack on his house

Murra: Charging refugee camps in Lebanon with firing rockets sheer lies

Girl, 7, injured in hit-and-run collision involving Israeli settler

Kuwait, Palestine sign MoU on healthcare in Gaza – Kuwait News Agency

Hebron detainee launches  hunger strike

Israeli forces detain 3 in West Bank raids

200 Palestinians wounded in IOF fire over three days

Captive Abu Hamad in serious condition

Israeli forces demolish barn, chicken coop near Bethlehem

25 suffer food poisoning near Bethlehem

Hundreds of Israeli businessmen, politicians join World Economic Forum

Israel bulldozers dig up lands near Hebron

Israeli-Palestinian peace ‘real possibility’

Malaysian NGO delegation arrives in Gaza – Ma’an News Agency

Soldiers Kidnap Two Brothers In Tulkarem

Chechnya building mosque by Jerusalem for 'brethren' lost 500 years ago

Israeli warplanes launch mock raids on Gaza – Ahlul Bayt News Agency

Palestinian company to deliver Qatar-donated fuel to Gaza

“Only 134 truckloads of exports left Gaza in 2012, down from 4,769 in 2007 – a 97 percent drop”

IOF soldiers arrest three Palestinians in Al-Khalil

“Closer to Israel” – What’s to Celebrate?    JfJfP silent vigil, 2nd June, 12.30-5.00pm

Brotherhood leader: Morsy will liberate Jerusalem

Resheq appreciates Arab, Islamic boycott positions

Ramallah company organizes event to support Gaza Arab Idol finalist

Israeli Forces Raze Agricultural Land in West Bank – WAFA

Minister Landau: 1967 borders are ‘Auschwitz borders’,7340,L-4384254,00.html

IPS holds hunger striking Jordanian prisoner in room filled with rats

Child Injured After Being Rammed By Settler’s Vehicle

Life in Hebron disrupted by another settler “tour”

Arab League urges UN action over Israeli Jerusalem violations

Arab League Condemns Israel’s Decisoin to Cancel UNESCO visit to Jerusalem’s-Decisoin-to-Cancel-UNESCO-visit-to-Jerusalem.aspx

Palestine Festival of Literature held in Gaza Strip – Press TV

IOF detain Palestinian youths at the Ibrahimi Mosque

Abbas: New govt within weeks

PalFest Beginnings: Experiments in Translation, Laughter in Gaza (M. Lynx Qualey, Arabic Literature in English)

A mother is waiting her two jailed sons

Settlers Spray Olive Trees With Toxic Chemicals

Two rockets hit southern Beirut district: residents

Hebron worker killed in road accident in Israel, another injured

Muslim visits to Auschwitz serve Israeli propaganda

Israeli forces detain 2 Hebron men

Isolated West Bank Settlements Should be Evacuated-Israeli Minister

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