PALESTINE NEWS | May 27, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات May 27, 2013 | 24189 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2175 days
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Sixteen-year-old boy blindfolded and arrested late at night without evidence

Doctor shares stories of Gaza plight in Wagga – Daily Advertiser

Army Kidnaps Seven Palestinians In Jerusalem

Settlers Deface Cars, Puncture Tires in Jerusalem

Settlers Slash Tires of 15 Palestinian Cars – WAFA

Settlers take over two commercial stores in the old city of Jerusalem

Construction worker dies after accident

West Bank and Gaza: knowledge as a pathway for dignity – Global Arab Network

Seven Jerusalemites are arrested…..and the raid of a restaurant, an internet cafe and several houses in Bab Hutta

Israel raids Jenin, detains 14 across West Bank

Hamas slams Abbas’s remarks against policy of capturing Israeli soldiers

Prisoner Iyad Khudair to start hunger strike to protest prison extensions

Israeli Troops Detain Palestinian in Jenin

Settlers Illegally Seize Two Stores In Jerusalem’s Old City

Statistics Bureau: Most of Palestine’s Guests are Europeans in Q1, 2013 – WAFA

Israel allows 81 Gaza Palestinians to visit jailed relatives

Reminder: Israeli Settlements Occupy 538.303 Dunams In West Bank

Abbas, Peres, Meet In Jordan

Israel decimate village in Negev, leaving 24 children homeless

Israeli troops erect checkpoint, detain Palestinian

Free Sireen Sawafteh- Arrested by Israel on the 14th May 2013

PFLP: Hawking’s stand is a model for the convergence of ethics, science and justice

John Kerry’s Kodak moment at the Dead Sea

Palestinian, Israeli high-tech companies to meet in Tel Aviv

Suffering of Gaza fishermen continues

Israel poisons Gazan patients

Settlers slash tires of 15 vehicles in East Jerusalem

Is Kerry out to make peace, or a peace process?

2 killed in Jenin road accident

Abbas adviser rules out concessions for economic gain

WB Israel settlement grew in 2012

Bedouins, MKs protest Negev displacement plans

Seven Jerusalemites arrested after clashes

Haniyeh slams Abbas, Peres meeting as ‘normalization’

Israeli forces dig up agricultural land near Hebron

Israeli forces escort rightists at Aqsa compound

Mayor: 3 men attempt to kidnap girl near Nablus

Deputy FM Elkin ‘proud to be settler’,7340,L-4384937,00.html

Jonathan Cook: Domestic fissures in Israel will not benefit Palestinians

Netanyahu will not freeze settlements in return for resumption of negotiations

Israel re-arms settlers in the occupied Golan Heights

Endless ‘Peace Process’ for Palestine – Press TV

Abbas: Situation in Palestine is Unbearable – Prensa Latina

PHOTOS: Free shirts for tourists put Palestine on map – Alternative Information Center (AIC)

IOA builds road for its settlers in Al-Khalil

Jewish settlers desecrate Aqsa plazas

Rights group: The Israeli TV report about prisoners in Negev jail is misleading

Medics: Over 100 food poisoning cases in Bethlehem village

Israel “legalized” West Bank settlements covering 1,821 acres in 2012: report

Abbas confers with Peres on means of reactivating negotiations

Injuries in Beit Ummar clashes

Israeli soldiers open fire at Palestinian farmers

Palestinian gov’t accuses Israel of systematically damaging Gaza environment

Kerry, Blair unveil plan to invest $4 billion in Gaza and West Bank

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