PALESTINE NEWS | June 1, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
June 1, 2013 | 24194 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2180 days
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Racist slogans against Christians on the walls and cars of “Dor Mitsyon” Church

Settlers try to seize an apartment in Shu’fat that belongs to Jaber Family

A child and a toddler killed in separate car accidents

Two children from Kfer Qaddum holding leaflets spread by IDF soldiers in which their photo is shown with the text…

Vital information for Palestine solidarity activists on Israeli plans to fight back against #BDS | @BenAbyad

New Israeli plan calls for more “intelligence” gathering to disrupt #BDS movement | @benabyad

VIDEO | Abbas Hamideh’s (@Resistance48) 65th Rotterdam Nakba Commemoration Speech

We need your support to help the internationalization of the prisoner Dirar Abu Sisi’s issue that highlights…

Jordanian prisoners enter their 31st day of hunger strike

Israeli regime on alert for new cyberattacks on Saturday

Health condition of prisoner Murad Abu Milaq deteriorates due to medical neglect

Cooperation with occupation is not part of the Palestinian culture

Palestinian female prisoners return meals

Tutu urges UEFA to strip Israel of Under-21 championship.

Brayer: The Absolute Right of Palestinian Resistance

Occupation orders another demolition of Jerusalemite Kisswani family home and shops

Israel prevents 105 citizens from travel

Israeli occupation to demolish 450 Palestinian homes in Jerusalem

Bahar: Abbas does not represent the Palestinian people

Erekat: Israel wants to ‘get rid’ of Abbas

As US struggles to revive moribund peace talks, Israel will sell 800 plots of land to Jews settling outside Bethlehem

Warmonger poses as voice of reason on Palestine – The Electronic Intifada (blog)

Israel demolishes nine homes in the Negev

370 Palestinians Kidnapped In May

Gaza commemorates third anniversary of Flotilla

Al Qassam mourns the death of Mohammed Ishtawi who died of heart attack in Gaza

Israel’s navy attacks Palestinian fishermen

Haniyeh rejects ‘politically tainted’ US cash

‘This time we were not forced to swim naked in the sea’: Gaza fishermen left jobless after illegal arrest

Data Shows that Palestinians now Own just 8 per cent of Historic Palestine

Interior Ministry arrests fleeing collaborators in Gaza

Fires break out across West Bank

Illegal Israeli colonists ‘close entrance’ to Beit Ummar

Israeli forces arrest 65-year-old man Ali Al-Duuda and kidnap him from his home

Israel ‘flyers’ threat to kids: “We are the army, beware we will catch you if we see you, or we will come to your home.”

The Mavi Marmara Massacre in photos

Remember! Uğur Süleyman Söylemez, who was gravely wounded in the Israeli attack on #MaviMarmara
has been in a coma for three years.

Fatah Youth condemns arrests of Jerusalem activists

Egypt detains 2 Palestinians who entered from Libya

PODCAST: Mass demolition as Israel ethnically cleanses Naqab desert | featuring interview with reporter @jilldamours

While MSM shuts up about the massgrave created continuously for 65 years long nowAll Israeli massacres:

Egypt police seize fuel en route to Gaza tunnels

Israeli forces shoot, injure 17 year old Bethlehem teenager Rashid Darwish

The Right to the City Movement and the Turkish Summer

Dozens hurt in clashes across West Bank

Israeli forces raid house, scare the hell out of sleeping kids & detain 2 Palestinians south of Nablus

STEP BY STEP: Dutch report on settlement profiteers highlights Ahava’s fraudulent labeling

Marches in Amman and Jerusalem in solidarity with Jordanian prisoners

Israeli raid reported in al-Khalil village

Palestine Scholars: Normalizing relations with Israel is treason

▶ Howto deal with Tear Gas & 1st Aid: by.@FouadMD | #OccupyGezi

Israeli price tag gang vandalizes Mount Zion church in Al-Quds

PA forces arrest prisoners’ rights activist Anas Radad from Tulkarem

Haneyya: Israel’s Judaization schemes in Jerusalem are desperate attempts

Israel approves plans to build 4,195 settlement units in J’lem (While “Settling” is still a Warcrime by Law)

263 Palestinians arrested during last month

Detaining children: Big business for zionism: 900.000$ cashed in 9 months:

Reminds me of the previous ‘WANTED’ action by kahanist colonists:

PCHR Weekly Report: 3 civilians wounded, 41 abducted by Israeli troops this week

United Church Israel Boycott: Ahava, Keter Plastic, SodaStream Targeted In Campaign Against Settlements

Israel razes home of 13-member Jerusalem family and sends them the bill | by @P_Strickland_

Israeli colonists write racist slogans on Church: “Christians are slaves”, “Christians are Monkeys”,

Palestinian UN observer Sends Messages to UN Secretray-General and Security Council

No more tunnels: Gaza held hostage to Egypt’s turmoil ~ by Ramzy Baroud

Israeli Soldiers Open Fire At Palestinian Fishermen In Gaza

#GazaUnderAttack | June 1, 2013 | Full List of 178 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations

What Netanyahu left out when he drew his bomb

Violent repression continues by the Israeli Army against protesters in Kufr Qaddum

Child Seriously Injured In Bethlehem

VIDEO | “Jews Here, Arabs There” Israeli Apartheid in Action

Israel escalates administrative detention under the pretext of secret file

Israeli occupation demolishes 9 homes in the Negev

Join activists at noon Hebron time today for live streaming video of their walkabout among settlers

“When your court is your enemy, you can’t do anything,” says Jerusalem man whose home was destroyed by Israel

Stars urge Alicia Keys to drop Israel gig

Open letter from Roger Waters to @AliciaKeys

EP holds a panel discussion on Nakba anniversary

Israel imposes heavy fine on owners of building threatened with demolition

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