PALESTINE NEWS | June 2, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
June 2, 2013 | 24195 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2181 days
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Magistrate court holds a session to discuss the settlers’ claim against Al-Silwadi family

Occupation orders the demolition of Jerusalemite house

Weekly settler tour invades old Hebron, disrupting lives of Palestinians

A State Of Palestine No Solution – Canada Free Press

Israeli forces shoot, injure Gaza farmer

Palestine – Pouring Money Into A Bottomless Pit – Canada Free Press

Egypt allows more Palestinians to leave Gaza

A double standard: Alicia Keys and sanctions on Iran

Army To Demolish Two Homes In Silwan

Gaza govt to enforce death sentences for homicides

Israel releases Islamic Jihad affiliate

Report: Israel charges Palestinian with spying for Hezbollah

UN Chief Underlines Israeli Settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territory Illegal

Army Kidnaps Three Palestinians In West Bank

Israel issues poster threatening to arrest children (Ma’an News Agency)

Settlers Block Main Road Near Salfit

Israel to build 1,000 illegal settler units in Occupied Jerusalem

Palestinian Refugees Flee Syria to Find Poor Conditions in Lebanese Camps

Israelis hold anti-occupation protest

Israel detains 3 Palestinians, including student (Ma’an News Agency)

New Israeli plan calls for more “intelligence” gathering to disrupt BDS movement (Ben White, The Electronic Intifada)

Gaza govt to enforce death sentence for homicides

Checking investment in occupation

Committee: Israeli forces arrest 3 teens near Yatta

Abbas Appoints A New Prime Minister – hamas slams it as “illegitimate” as it was never approved by the PLC

Netanyahu slams racism, ‘price tag’ attacks

Hypocrite: he trained/armed them themselves:

Last week: #Israel also to re-arms ILLEGAL settlers in the occupied Golan Heights of Syria

“We are the army. Be careful if we see you, we’re going to catch you or come to your house.”

Israeli “Price Tag” gangs burn Palestinian agricultural lands in Ramallah

#GazaUnderAttack | Palestinian farmer wounded in Israeli occupation forces’ shooting

#GazaUnderAttack | June 2, 2013 | Full List of 180 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations – Updated

Israeli occupation soldiers storm Jenin village, take shots of houses near monastery

Israel serves new demolition notifications in Silwan – Jerusalem

Hamdan confirms end of dispute in Arab National Congress

What a courtesy! Egypt allows more Palestinians to leave Gaza

Body of 4-year-old found in Khan Younis reservoir

Israel to build 300 units in Jewish settlement

Jewish settlers kill more than 750 olive trees with chemicals last week

Israel to confiscate 100 dunums of Salfit land

IOF soldiers arrest Palestinian student

Palestinian trade unions refuse all forms of normalization with Israel

Hamas denies Mishaal statement on leaving Lebanon

VIDEO | Imprisoned Palestinian International Footballer Mahmoud Sarsak Visits Newcastle

FPJ condemns PA security forces for assaulting journalist Rawan Farahat

Ahrar: Settlement escalation in Jerusalem due to PA’s subservience at Davos

Israel issues confiscation orders for ‘Awarta and Rujeib land (Nablus)

Germany may soon restrict ‘Made in Israel’ labels,7340,L-4387322,00.html

#UK Activists to hold pro-Palestine vigil – Press TV

Israel to build 1,000 illegal settler units in Occupied Jerusalem

Occupation orders the demolition of Jerusalemite house

Gaza 2013: Snapshot

Israel detains 3 Palestinians, including student

And why did the 20 Bedouin kids have cancer?

See location of chemical plants:,7340,L-3437272,00.html

Israeli warplanes are conducting low altitude flights over the Bekaa Valley and various other Lebanese regions

Israeli media: Palestinian detained ‘with rifle’

The occupation police arrests a child under the pretext of humiliating a settler in Silwan

Al Qassam mourns the death of Mohammed Ishtawi

My Family Died For Nothing
A slap on the face

Israelis in Tel Aviv protest against occupation of Palestinian land

Barhoum: Kerry’s economic plan, a new attempt to deceive public opinion

How dare you steal my religion for your lies? ~ by Jews for Justice for Palestinians

ANHRI Demands PA to Immediately Release 5 Detainees – Incl Media-Professionals

Land is the issue in Israel-Palestine conflict (from Ray Hanania who has comes to his senses?)

Emirates24 covers icecreamshops of Bakdash in stead of misery of refugees in Jordan

Palestine: Gaza held hostage to Egypt’s turmoil –

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