Haaretz tells story of Palestinian family viciously attacked by Israeli soldiers and called it “nights of horror”

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images_News_2013_06_03_damage-0_300_0[1]NAZARETH, (PIC)– The Israeli newspaper Haaretz released a story describing the cruelty of the raids launched by the Israeli army on Palestinian homes at nighttime and called it “nights of horror.”

The report, written by journalist Gideon Levy, shed light on one of these nights that occurred to the family of martyr Samir Awad in Budrus village, west of Ramallah city.

“This has been one of the difficult nights which the Palestinians experience every day in the West Bank,” Levy started his story.

“Last week, Israeli soldiers occupied one of the homes in Budrus village for two house under cover of darkness, kicking, beating and destroying; however, that time, they overreacted and raided the house of a bereaved Palestinian family whose 16-year old son Samir was shot dead with three live bullets four months ago by other soldiers,” according to his narration.

They shot Samir in his side, head and back when he tried to escape from an ambush near the segregation wall after he threw stones towards the fence, he added.

An officer from the central command described the incident, then, as unfortunate, but the most unfortunate what happened later to the bereaved family of the boy, he stated.

One of the family’s neighbors told Haaretz that he heard an Israeli officer ordering his soldiers to raid the house of the family without showing any mercy, and the soldiers acted accordingly.

They were a force of about 11 jeeps, 30 soldiers and a few dogs who arrived at two o’clock after midnight and encircled the house before they broke into it by force, and fired stun grenades through the windows and inside the place, the neighbor said.

In the house, there were the mother, her husband Ahmed and eight of their children and every one of them woke up to the sounds of explosion caused by the grenades as the soldiers were storming the house without saying anything or explaining what they wanted.

During the attack, the soldiers suddenly assaulted the mother, Sedqiya, and injured her after they dragged her over the floor by her hair, and physically and verbally abused her, while four of her daughters suffered different injuries from the stun grenades.

Levy noted that the father already suffers from a herniated disc and failed to stand on his feet during the attack, adding that the soldiers kept kicking him and sprayed pepper gas on his face, and then severely beaten one of his daughters when she hastened to give her father a glass of water.

On the roof of the house, according to the story, their son Abd, who live in Bilin most days of the week, but he slept in his family’s house that night, was sleeping when soldiers violently beat him, threw him off the roof and then dragged him into one of the toilets and fired a stun grenades inside it.

The intensive use of stun grenades during the raid charred the interior of the house and caused black stains everywhere and widespread damage, but luckily the family documented the sabotage with footage.

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