PALESTINE NEWS | June 3, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
June 3, 2013 | 24196 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2182 days
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Two men arrested and a woman hospitalised in Hebron house raid

Ten Palestinians Kidnapped In Qalqilia, Bethlehem And Hebron

Iraq warns Israel on using airspace in Iran strike

US Welcomes Hamdallah as New Palestinian Prime Minister

Health condition of prisoner Samer al-Issawi deteriorates

Israeli Illegally Confiscates 370 Dunams Near Nablus

2,000 Palestinians in Syria jails

Muslim scholars assert normalization with Israel is treason

Zionists hold conference in J’lem & agreed on dividing Aqsa Mosque

Report: Iran busts Mossad ‘terror’ cell ahead of vote

Number of Jewish settlers makes two-state solution “almost impossible”

Press Release: #G4S face storm of protest at their AGM 6 June 2013

IOF soldiers storm Jenin city, clash with inhabitants

Radical Jewish youths ‘in survival mode state’ step up attacks against Arabs

Settlers torch Palestinian fields near Nablus

Israel allows Gaza residents to visit jailed relatives

Gaza’s Centre for Reform and Rehabilitation releases 51 detainees on good behaviour

Settlers Set Fire to Agricultural Land – WAFA

À l’Action Vendredi prochain!
Le mars mondial à Jérusalem et suivez @GM2J!

Israeli plan to ship off Eritreans: An affront to international law

London Declaration on Anti-Semitism: Seeking to Criminalize Criticism of Israel | Palestine…

Jonathan Cook: Kerry’s new peace plan sets the Palestinians up to fail

New PM says to strive for national reconciliation

People of the world demand the liberation of Jerusalem!
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Bedouin forced by Israel to live beside dump contract unknown diseases

Father of newborn conjoined twins appeals for help

Palestinian female prisoners threaten to declare hunger strike

Rezka: New government a replica of Fayyad government

PHOTOS | After the flames, only determination remains in Burin and Madama

Israel’s occupation forces rounded up 38 Palestinian boys in last two weeks of May

1518 Palestinian children were killed since 2nd intifada

Settling: still a warcrime by law. But Israel builds 600 housing units in May

Israeli occupation forces arrest 8 Palestinians, summons 5 others

Radio: 15 tons of wheelchairs to arrive in Gaza

Qassam Brigades march for sick prisoner

Palestinians, Israeli forces clash in Abu Dis

Israeli occupation authorities place 12 year old under house arrest

2.2 Million cubic meters raw sewage from Israeli settlements poses environmental threat | @Greenpeace

Arab Knesset members and lawyers rally in J’lem against Negev transfer plan

US will foot the $25MILLION tab for it ‘Official US documents reveals secret Israeli missile base near Jerusalem’

Haaretz tells story of Palestinian family viciously attacked by Israeli soldiers and called it “nights of horror”

Quds foundation: Israel planning to divide Aqsa mosque

Hamas: The formation of a new gov’t by Abbas is unconstitutional

Global march to Jerusalem to launch next Friday: “People of the world want the liberation of Jerusalem.”

The People of the World Demand the Liberation of Jerusalem

In or ex- the illegally by Israel occupied Golan!? Israeli defence minister: Assad controls no more than 40% of Syria

IOA extends remand of Jerusalemite, imposes house arrest on 13 others

Arab Knesset members and lawyers rally in J’lem against Negev transfer plan

Israeli forces injure Palestinian farmer in Gaza – Press TV

Israel releases Palestinian activist from jail

10-year-old boy drowns off Gaza coast

IOA bans call for prayers 55 times last month

Exploiting illegally detained again for bail. big business for Israel:

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