PALESTINE NEWS | June 4, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
June 4, 2013 | 24197 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2183 days
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Hamas, Fateh Leaders Hold A Meeting In Gaza

Q&A with Dr Mona El Farra (Gaza Red Crescent society) – Green Left Weekly

Britain fails to blacklist Hezbollah

Settlers attack Palestinian vehicles in East Jerusalem (Ma’an News Agency)

Israeli army invades the village of #KafradDik west of #Salfit

VIDEO | DC Pro Palestine Activist Interrupt Ehud Olmert

Israeli bulldozers demolish more Palestinian homes making 40 people homeless

Bahar: “Newly Formed Government In West Bank, Unconstitutional”

Palestinians in the Negev decide to go on a mass hunger strike

Poll: 74% of Israeli Jews reject idea of Palestinian capital in any part of Jerusalem, 92% reject 2SS on pre-67 lines

Palestinians will not grant Kerry more time for negotiations

PA security arrest 7 Hamas-affiliates

Palestinian experts: Hamdallah came with a green light from the US

OIC calls for extending urgent relief assistance to refugees fleeing Syria

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| #Palestine #Egypt #Syria #Israel

Jerusalemite commission warns of Jewish calls to divide Al-Aqsa

Israeli occupation soldiers raze houses in Jordan Valley

Conference in Gaza calling for supporting Jerusalem

RadicalIsraeli assault Palestinian shouting
‘Get out of our neighborhood, Arab bastard’,7340,L-4388260,00.html

Palestinian unrest versus Western ease over appointment of new Palestinian PM

New Israeli plan calls for more “intelligence” gathering to disrupt BDS movement

2013 version of Nazi-propaganda outlet “Der Stürmer” recalls increase of violence among israeli due to rockets | #FT

150 Jerusalemites arrested during May

Al-Aqsa Foundation says Jerusalem Festival of Light is “Judaization”

Israel approves the confiscation of Palestinian land in Qalqilya

West Bank Medical Association to declare general strike

In Photos | Settlers try to seize an apartment in Shu’fat that belongs to Jaber Family via @silwanic

Jonathan Cook: Palestinian plight hits @UEFAcom spotlight

UK vehemently opposes boycotting Israel

Mohammad Assaf to perform in West Bank

Jerusalem Between Zionists Theft and PLO Ignorance ~ by @KawtherSalam

Hizb al-Tahrir members rally in Ramallah

Google ‘Palestine’—It Exists, And So Do Palestinians

Israel refuses female detainee medical treatment

No More Tunnels Please: Gaza Held Hostage to Egypt’s Turmoil –

EU pledges 50 million euros Jordan

Erekat: Failure of Kerry plan ‘not an option’

Army Demolishes Four Homes, Four Sheds Near Jericho

UN Chief Ban Ki=Moron Warns Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Approaching “Point of No Return”

600 illegal colonist housing units built in May

Wernhoff: Sweden wants to end the humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Click here to support Save Qalandia Summer Camp by Grassroots Jerusalem

Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades march for sick prisoner Murad Abu Moleq

Netanyahu acknowledges Israeli “racism” and “hooliganism”

Bibi = A Liar: “Operation Summer Seeds”: Israeli forces train and arm settlers to attack Palestinians …

Apartheid Israel detaines Hamas leader Hussam Harb in Salfit with no charge

#SaveAlAqsa | Zionists hold conference in J’lem and unanimously agree on dividing Aqsa Mosque

Foreign ministry appeals for Arab intervention to protect Palestinian lands

Soldiers Kidnap Four Palestinians In Bethlehem

MP Zeidan: The 2nd US economic plan proves the failure of the political process

8 Palestinians detained in West Bank raids

For all at #J14 and supporters of the Lapid housing plan: Be ASHAMED regarding THIS:

Harsh measures to keep Africans out of the ‘Jewish state’

15-year-old Odai lives w/ a rubber-coated bullet in his head. This is his story:

Destination unknown: Israel to deport thousands of African migrants

Israeli forces raze four homes in West Bank making 40 people homeless

One Palestinian child has been killed by Israel every 3 days for the past 13 years

إسرائيل تقتل طفل فلسطيني كل ٣ أيام خلال ال١٣سنة الماضية.

Voulez-vous parler de #terrorisme? Israël tue un enfant, tous 3 jours, pendant 13 ans!

Möchten Sie über Terrorismus reden?
Jede 3 Tage tötet Israel ein Kind, schon seit 13 Jahren.
Werden Sie schweigen?

Mau ngobrol tentang #terrorisme? #ISRAEL membunuh 1 anak per 3 hari | untuk 13 tahun.Ente tetep diam?

Vuoi parlare di terrorismo? Ogni 3 giorni, Israele uccide un bambino. Da 13 anni già. Volete rimanere in silenzio?

IOF plans to confiscate 400 dunums of ‘Awarta land

#GazaUnderAttack | June 3, 2013 | Full List of 181 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations

Hamdallah: New cabinet (of remote controlled puppets) to be announced Thursday

Israeli shooting starts huge fire in southern Gaza

Palestinians ‘exerting every possible effort’ to restart talks
Previous list of DOA talks:

Palestinian minister reveals Israeli plan to Judaise Jerusalem fully

Kerry’s Plan ~ by Jonathan Cook

| I am the Resistance
| Featuring photography by @ahmadamesleh

Supply convoy sent to field hospital in Gaza – Ammon News

Annemarie Jacir’s must-see “When I Saw You” grapples with growing up after ’67 war via.@Intifada

Israeli forces release Palestinian from Gaza

Belgian students vote in favor of Israel boycott #BDS

Israeli troops attack Palestinian civilians near Jerusalem

‘Israel to confiscate West Bank land’

We are calling on the South African government to firstly, expel Israel from the Kimberley Process

Settlers attack taxi driver in East Jerusalem (Ma’an News Agency)

Marwan Barghouti: Arab Peace Plan damages Palestinian cause

France still walking obedient on zionist chains:

Maariv (Israeli newspaper) did not employ a reporter (Jewish Israeli) because he is not-Zionist!

Obama promises Bibi $100-million missile base 2 defend against non-existent Iranian ICBM attack.

Israel: We will continue settling Jerusalem, despite world condemnations

Sponsor the birthday for a Palestinian Child with cancer

In the year 2000 there were more then 500,000 exits of people a month from in Erez crossing. In 2013: 3,932

5 years old boy from Jericho had surgery in Dubai

Demolition ongoing in #Nuweima Al Faug/Rashayda north of #Jericho city 2 homes demolished, a third underway

Updated: Israel advocates planned “humiliation” for professors deemed critical of Israel | @benabyad

Statements &news re Jordan’s decision to block bsites NYT

by IPI

by CPJ

Israeli gov’t lawyer said state would reject close to 100% of all Eritrean migrants’ request 4 asylum

Israel already transferred 2,100 North Sudanese refugees – against int’l law and conventions – to a foreign country,7340,L-4387143,00.html

Palestinian child Mohammad Halayka (from Al-Issaweya / Jerusalem) was arrested by the Israeli occupation forces.

QNN | #IsraelTV | Israeli TV channel 2: Netanyahu ordered distribution of anti-gaz masks to all Israelis immediately.

Rights group blasts PA journalist arrest

Abbas: We want return to talks

Kairos Palestine Strongly Condemns ‘Price Tag’ Attack on Jerusalem’s Dormition

Dozens injured in IOF quelling of protests

In hi-tech, Gaza Sky Geeks sees way to break through isolation – Christian Science Monitor

Palestinians will not grant Kerry more time for negotiations

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