PALESTINE NEWS | June 5, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
June 5, 2013 | 24198 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2184 days
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Well well seems #JO becomes the playgound for US proxywars&meddling
US 2 send missiles and fighter aircraft to Jordan

Activist: Israeli forces raid Beit Ummar, detain 2

PA security forces detain 7 Hamas members in West Bank

PA employees to receive May wages on Wednesday

IOF soldiers raze houses in Jordan Valley

Hamas: Abbas statement on tunnels ruins relations with Egypt

Berawi: The global march to J’lem is a warning message to the Israeli regime

Bahar: Any government in W. Bank is illegal without PLC’s confidence

PLO officials mark 46th anniversary of 1967 occupation

Jordan Islamist delegation enters Gaza via tunnels

You heard it from me 1st: Israel bribes African country with arms shipments so they’ll take non-Jewish asylum-seekers

Settlers attack Palestinian vehicles in East Jerusalem

Pro-Israel, pro-siege Egyptian regime claims to demolish 34 lifeline tunnels on Gaza, Palestine border.

Egypt government infected by mad Israeli wall disease (PDF)

IOF arrests 7 citizens in West Bank

Bahar: “Newly Formed Government In West Bank, Unconstitutional”: Tuesday June 4 2013, Dr. Ahmad Bahar, deputy …

Absentee properties in East Jerusalem can be confiscated

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Kerry’s Plan: Palestinians to Be Cast as Fall Guys – Again ~ by Jonathan Cook

Ya’ir Lapid: The False Torch ~ by Uri Avnery

Extremist Israeli Settlers Attack Residents, Hurl Stones At Cars In East Jerusalem

Zoning board expected to approve two 34-story towers for Jerusalem

Mubarak-era Cruelty Continues at Rafah Crossing

Palestinian Statistics Bureau Issues Press Release on World Environment Day – Palestine News Network

Judge: Some girls enjoy getting raped,7340,L-4388559,00.html

Muslim leaders shocked by visit to Auschwitz

Trashing Four Generations of Palestinian Inheritance (Dina Omar, Al-Shabaka)

‘Symphony for Palestine’ finally opens in Palestine (Annie Robbins, Mondoweiss)

Settlers attack Palestinian vehicles in East Jerusalem (Ma’an News Agency)

Congressmen urge US to move embassy to Jerusalem,7340,L-4388497,00.html

Settlers of “Bet Aort” attack the Jerusalemites’ cars with stones

Soldiers Kidnap Three In Jenin

Poll: majority of Israelis against Jerusalem concessions

Israel escalates attacks on Jerusalem in May

When Israel compensated Germans for land in Palestine

Family of prisoner Nabil Mughir appeals to Red Cross to help its son

Resheq: O. Jerusalem will speak many languages next Friday

Here we go! Israelis triumphant at capturing European football.

Israeli intelligence chief pessimistic about peace efforts

Gov’t: Kerry’s plans are misleading

World Vision defends Gaza group funding – Australian Jewish News

Khatib: The Global March to Jerusalem, a step on the road to liberation

Prisoner Barghouti moved to hospital due to health deterioration

40 Jewish students storm Al-Aqsa Mosque

Father of murdered woman says suspect attended funeral

Palestinian youth mark anniversary of Six Day war

“If there’s no partner, it means you’re not willing to find them” warns bank governor

Resource: Israeli policies leave Area C Palestinians abandoned

Fayyad signs agreement with protesting doctors

After 46 years of occupation, land confiscation renders Israeli law obsolete

IOA renewed the administrative detention of 4 detainees

Zubda: The Global March to Jerusalem is a peaceful event

Sheikh Sabri demands Palestinians to flock to Al-Aqsa Mosque

Painting a Green Line Through Jerusalem

Israeli army tweets 1967 war as it happened

VIDEO | Farming in Khuza’a, Gaza Strip

B’Tselem: Israel reinforces its control over Area C

Israel is most unequal country in developed world

IOA bars al-Aqsa guard from entering the Al Aqsa Mosque

FLASHBACK: UN nominee says US must impose peace on ‘Palestine-Israel

Israeli Settlements on Palestinian Land. Netanyahu and ‘Acts of Hooliganism’

Violations against Palestinian journalists continue

Israel protests once again: Abbas’ unilateral moves hinder peace talks

Israel court fines, imprisons man after soldier injured in clashes

Israel forces detain teen, father as they arrive for interrogation

Hamas: Illegal for PA premier to form new government

The squeeze on Gaza

Palestinian Authority rejects plan for new Bedouin village in Jordan Valley

Egypt: Migrants caught trying to enter Israel

West Bank village accuses Canada of breaking human-rights laws – National Post

Kerry’s New “Peace” Plan Sets The Palestinians Up To Fail

6 Palestinians arrested in Jenin, Ramallah raids

China to host UN meet on Israel-Palestine – Zee News

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