Israel’s occupation force prevents journalist Nawaf Al Amer from traveling

[ PIC 06/06/2013 – 09:49 PM ]


RAMALLAH, GAZA, (PIC)– The Israel Occupation Authorities (IOA) prevented on Thursday the journalist Nawaf Al Amer from traveling to Jordan, as part of the continued Israeli violation against Palestinian journalists.

Al Amer confirmed that the Israeli soldiers stationed at Karama crossing prevented him from traveling through the crossing where he intended to cover events and to check on his mother’s health condition. Al Amer was previously allowed to travel in 2011 and 2009.

The journalist Al Amer was arrested more than once in Israeli jails most recently in 2011 and he was deported to Marj Zhour in 1992.

The Palestinian Media Forum expressed its condemnation to the Israeli violation against Palestinian journalists where they are subjected to arrests, assaults and restrictions.

The Forum pointed out that the Israeli journalists enjoy freedom of movement in all West Bank areas, calling on the PA to take firm positions towards this Israeli double-standards in dealing with the journalists.

The Forum said that the international community and human rights organizations’ silence towards the Israeli restrictions and violations against Palestinian prisoners encouraged the Israeli authorities to step up their arbitrary measures as a state above the law.

The Palestinian Media Forum called on international organizations such as the International Federation of Journalists and Reporters Without Borders to pressure the Israeli occupation to stop its policy against Palestinian journalists and to release the 13 detained journalists in Israeli jails.

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