Palestinian Minister Wasfi Kabaha released after two years in prison without charge nor trial


Al Qassam Brigades Website | 08-06-2013,08:45

Tulkarem – On Thursday evening [6 June 2013], Israel released former Palestinian Minister of Detainees, Wasfi Kabaha (50 years of age) after holding him under Administrative Detention for two years without charges or trial.

The army moved him to the Jabara roadblock, east of the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem, where was released and was welcomed on the other side of the roadblock by hundreds of residents, family members and journalists.

Following his release, Kabaha was moved to Thabit Thabit Hospital, in Tulkarem, for general medical checkup before heading home.

He was mildly inured after the soldiers at the roadblock forced him to walk through an unpaved rough bypass road after releasing him at the roadblock.

On 10 June 2011, Kabaha was kidnapped by Israeli soldiers, arbitrarily imprisoned for two years without charges, under the so-called Administrative detention. Kabha has been kidnapped nine times, and has spent a total of 13 years in the Israeli gulag.

He suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure.

Those arbitrarily imprisoned in this fashion tend to be Palestinian leaders, community organizers, and those who give Palestinians under occupation a voice.

His brother, Dr. Amjad Kabaha, is currently held at the Beersheba (Be’er As-Sabe’) prison; he was kidnapped ten years ago and was sentenced to 19 years imprisonment.

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