PALESTINE NEWS | June 10, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
June 10,  2013 | 24203 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2189 days
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VIDEO: Israel gov’t no longer defends its racist policies, just tars its accusers as anti-Semites & changes the topic

Fox News offers video proving IDF special forces operating inside Syria. Latest Israeli escalation.

46th anniversary of Golan Heights occupation

Detainee appeals for eye surgery

Man killed in road accident south of Bethlehem

CBS reports sharp 176% increase in Israeli settlement construction during 2013

Israeli warplanes launch mock raids on Gaza

#GazaUnderAttack | June 10, 2013 | Full List of 185 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations

IOA serves demolition notifications in Silwan

Administrative detainees start open-ended hunger strike

GMJ: The world’s peoples made a step towards the liberation of J’lem

Fmr Netherlands PM Expose Israeli/Obama-Biden has 22 US Nuclear Bombs secretly stored at airbase on Dutch Territory

Check out this video made for @aliciakeys “Girl on Fire”.. Palestinian style! Please RT & Sign the Petition:

Israeli forces detain 15 Palestinians in West Bank raids

Abbas rejected Israeli proposal to release 50 prisoners in exchange for resumption of peace talks

PLC welcomes Saudi activists in Gaza

Ethnic cleansing by Deprivation: Bedouins forced out of Jordan Valley by water shortages after Israel drains water springs

Construction in West Bank settlements continues,7340,L-4390688,00.html

Gaza: Where picking up a Watermelon can get you shot by Israeli soldiers

Poet Kevin Coval: young Jews should stand with Palestine – The Electronic

Despite media blackout, #Christians not backing down on ‘draconian’ treatment in the holy land

Journal: Amer, 20, wounded by Israeli gunfire in the southern Gaza Strip ~ by @Rosa_Schiano

Israel bars children over eight from visiting fathers in prison | by Joe Catron (@jncatron) in #Gaza

Russian jew & Moroccan jew argue in Israel

Hebron activist speaks at UN Human Rights Council

Sit-in in Moscow in support of Jerusalem

Palestinian youth seriously wounded in IOF shooting

Palestinian activists launch a campaign against Oslo accords

Israel’s occupation ‘authority’ renews house arrest of an elderly patient

Israeli occupation forces storm Nablus and Jenin

Torture: Israeli interrogators break the skull of Palestinian captive

World Bank, the PA and Israel work together to confiscate Palestinian land for West Bank dump site

The Body-Snatchers of Israel ~by @KawtherSalam

Many Israel ignoring the fact that organ-trafficking practice is so widespread! Here’s the latest:

UN expert Prof. Em. Richard Falk under fire ahead of Palestinian rights report

Israel Kidnaps Child In Jerusalem

Palestinians condemn motor race in occupied Jerusalem

IOF soldiers raid Yatta, arrest relative of MP

Health apartheid in Negev. By Adri Nieuwhof

Detainee Hussam Mattar on hunger strike ‘until freedom’

BADIL’s new film: “Sons of Lifta”. 10 minutes long, watch now:

12-6-2013 Den Haag: kamerdebat vanwege Burgerinitiatief Sloop De Muur, sancties tegen Israël

Photo essay | Gaza joins the Global March to Jerusalem ~ by @IsmPalestine

Israeli occupation forces seriously wounds farmer in Gaza – Middle East Monitor

Israeli forces issue 8 demolition orders in Silwan – Jerusalem

F16 fighter jets are roaming #Gaza skies now.

Liberated prisoner Jamal Fahal dies of kidney failure contracted during detention | @PHR_IL @ICRC @Ufreenetwork
Shaheed Jamal Fahal | 42 years old. Died due to deliberate medical neglect by IPS

3 Palestinians including 2 children injured in clashes as settlers “visit” Nablus tomb

Israel official: No Palestinian state in ’67 lines

Israeli occupation soldiers detain eight Palestinians

Palestinian farmer wounded in IOF shooting

Information ministry calls for action against Israel’s detention of journalists

Aryeh King declares largest eviction plans so far to evict Palestinians from J’lem, seize their homes

Israeli Prison Authorities Humiliate Jordanian Hunger Strikers

The german national team U21 which was participating in the European qualification tournament appeared wearing.

OIC $500m project proposals to develop Jerusalem

Premier Haneyya launches Awda generation summer camps

When God gave this Land to #Abraham´s grandchildren did he include the Sea ?? because there is the “Promised-Gas” ~ by @RayaChemayel

A Palestinian farmer was seriously injured on Monday morning by live Israeli ammunition fired in Khan Younis which…

The UNRWA: 60 Years of Hypocratical Discourse and Lying !!!

IOF soldiers raid Yatta, arrest relative of MP

Abbas rejected Netanyahu offer to free 50 pre-Oslo prisoners for new talks

N.Y. 10,000s Jews Protest Against Israel Videos via @JewsTrue2Torah

Haredim Protest in Photos – June 9 , 2013

MSM media silence about the massive Haredim protest y’day in
(In Photos)

Birgitta Jónsdóttir seeks 2 offer Edward Snowden political asylum in Iceland.

Israel had a week to produce details of its “deal” to send refugees somewhere in Africa. Turns out it lied *SURPRISE*

NO MORE TUNNELS PLEASE Gaza Held Hostage to Egypt’s Turmoil – Radiance Viewsweekly

Bethlehem U vice chancellor: BDS serves the Palestinian people–bethlehem-u-vice-chancellor-bds-serves-the-palestinian-people-.html

Israeli commentator: I would give murderous blows to conscientious objectors if allowed

27% of Palestinian households in oPt suffer food insecurity

Negotiations: a gift of stolen Palestinian land to Israel – (press release)

.@PFLP_ps: Capitalist normalization is an attack on the Palestinian cause

What you call ‘Solid moral ground’ the International Community regards as illegal settlement ~ by @GarySpedding

Nakba History and the Origins of the Jewish State : the Role of the Balfour Declaration

Richard Falk Accuses Israel of Crimes Against Gaza – Jewish Daily Forward

Palestinian prisoners begin landmark hunger strike

Israel shoots, critically wounds Gaza farmer

Marching for dignity: Thousands take action against the occupation of Palestine –

CBS reports sharp increase in Israeli settlement construction during 2013

Photo essay: Gaza joins the Global March to Jerusalem – International Solidarity Movement

35, 000 Palestinians Come, Leave Gaza via Rafah Crossing – Palestine News Network,-000-palestinians-come,-leave-gaza-via-rafah-crossing

Seven Palestinians Kidnapped In Hebron

UN expert under fire ahead of Palestinian rights report

Four Hamas captives go on hunger strike

Israeli occupation forces seriously wound farmer in Gaza

Israeli troops raid Jaba village, no arrests

Israeli forces detain 2 Palestinians from Arrub refugee camp

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