Rapporteur Richard Falk takes Israel to task at UN forum


United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian Human Rights Richard Falk

PressTV | Tue Jun 11, 2013 5:7AM

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian Human Rights has condemned the Israeli regime for its long-time occupation of Palestinian territories and violation of the human rights of the Palestinians.

Richard Falk made the remarks on Monday while presenting his latest report at a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

“Forty-six years ago today Israel’s occupation of Palestine began. Six days of war has turned into 46 years of occupation,” Falk told the Geneva forum.

He described the treatment of “thousands of Palestinians detained or imprisoned by Israel” as being “extremely worrisome,” and called for an international inquiry into the situation of Palestinians in Israeli prisons.

He said there are 5,000 Palestinians in Israeli custody at the moment and 750,000 Palestinians have gone through detention in Israeli jails since the regime’s occupation of the Palestinian territories began in 1967.

The Israeli violations were happening on a “massive scale,” and included detention without charges, “torture and other forms of ill, inhumane and humiliating treatment,” solitary confinement and the denial of family visits, the UN rapporteur said.

Falk, who visited Gaza in December 2012, also called on the Tel Aviv regime to end the blockade of Gaza, which he said is a “collective punishment of 1.75 million Palestinians.”

“With 70 percent of the population dependent on international aid for survival and 90 percent of the water unfit for human consumption, drastic and urgent changes are urgently required if Palestinians in Gaza are to have their most basic rights protected,” he added.

The representatives of the Israeli regime and the United States were absent as the UN rapporteur made his comments.



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