Google Admits To Have Manual Censored This Blog – Content Control to Mute News from Occupied Palestine

While mining your data and thoughts, Google’s determines their ‘search-engine’ is limiting ‘results’ to feed your new thoughts with selected info…


June 12, 2013 | by occpal

Last Update Sept 26, 2013

A message from occpal to all our 27.713 followers (for new ones won’t find us that easy through google anymore)

We almost missed out on the short message between all subscription notifications, there is a ‘quality issue’ with this blog using alleged ‘forbidden techniques’ which over the last years – with many work and countless hours – has been build into a news archive with the sole purpose to disseminate the news as widely as possible to create awareness for the Palestinian plight and the suffering of Palestinians inside occupied Palestine and all those in exile.

google webmaster tools

Google decided that this no longer qualifies to be listed in the searches, hence, they even banned all content so it’s not possible to find a single link to this weblog.

As Israel slowly takes over the whole of Palestine, it also controls MSM, manipulates internet content and even pays people up to 92$ an hour to report content or sites, every button is being pushed to silence those who speak up for the Palestinian plight.

Now we have seen similar censorship and muting of free speech for tens of times in the light of the zionist war on truth. And tens of times we started from scratch all over. As we will do now. We will not be silenced.

A simple message to those who try to ban truth:

You can steal the milk but not the udders!

Our gratitude to all contributors to this blog. The activists who risked their lives to provide us from live updates for live blogs, a salute to the photographers who are deliberately targeted with violence in effort to give you a real time insight of the truth and are your eye into the ugly occupation, and last but not least all the friends and followers, fellow activists and supporters who helped this blog to become what it is today.

We condemn the censorship especially for the voices we want to continue; of those who lost their lives in the genocide. We salute the Shuhada of Palestine and took – and still take – the pledge to keep voicing their sacrifice,  as well as the suffering of the loved ones that were left behind.

Blocking listings of news by a search engine anno 2013 is like buying a book with pages torn out. And we will not remain silent to fill up the gaps in the censored manipulated main stream media by all means possible to inform people of information they are looking for.

Of course sharing of this post over your networks will be appreciated as it will not reach no person anymore through the google malfunctioning engine of partial information.

Free Palestine!

Update 1

We files a request for reconsideration of Google’s decision to ban this weblog from it’s listings. We sincerely hope after Google put Palestine ‘on the map’ it did not fall for any negative SEO to succumb for any such reason by deleting supportive Palestine’s news sources.  This request should not be considered as a negotiation. For we will not negotiate the right to inform(ation). We will protest this action to ban our content and efforts online, until it is lifted.

In the meanwhile we want to thank some friends for offering us – non profit, no budget activists – the funds to transmit paid submission to search engines. May Allaah SWT/G-d/God reward you although for your generous offers and support. Ame(e)n

Yet, we offered with this weblog news and updates to 3 million visitors since December 2010 by hard work and dedication, structural daily updating of news to become a reliable source and archive for resource and updates, live blogs and opinions about Occupied Palestine. We prefer to stay non profit and will continue this blog in this same way. And with the same dedication as this blog was compiled, we will keep fighting this censorship.

Update 2 | | June 13, 2013

Without prior explanation of the censorship nor a response on our reconsideration request about banning the full content and domain-name of this blog, it seems Google lifted some restrictions as June 13, 2013 at 19:15 Palestine Time some results of this weblog are finally re-appearing again in the Google search.

We are happy to post any comment of Google on the how and why of banning content since May 23, 2013 until today if we receive any statement.

Gratitude to all followers and fellow activists for helping to disseminate this call for awareness against censorship!

Update 3 | June 14, 2013 | Google censorship confirmed: It admits to have “manually” censored this blog!

Oh joy oh joy. We received a message from Google. “Noblesse oblige” we will publish the statement as promised.

As it seems Google ‘believed’ there was a “quality issue” and had put a ban manually which after reconsideration manually again was removed. Followed by some technical bla bla bla, anyway, it is very clear in the meanwhile Google changed the algorithm for the blog, for results are below expectation (while you know Google, your bot has been crawling our itchy backs already) for in the future you will only get more complete results (due to exhausting and old school style quality-tagging of each single post) when you parse your search-string as followed:

[your search here]

So we changed the title of this post again and keep it featured

Gratitude to Google for the hint to the “See why your pages may not be appearing in search results”-page but I doubt this newbie-howto-information will teach us: 1st hour, command line addict/era maxusers of the internet (online since it had no graphic interface in the 1st place!) to the ‘cure’ against selective content control by trolling reports resulting in imposed manual bans. Unless there is really an issue with negative SEO’s …. we’ll be monitoring it and protest this selective algorithm-policy until the hard earned top ranking is reinstated.

In the meanwhile we suggest to follow this page with Daily News Overviews orthe RSS Feed of Daily News Overviews in which we continuously update 24/7 all news available covered by local and international media, activists or bloggers concerning Palestine.

Google’s story:

manually revoked ban google

(Click to enlarge)

Update 4June 19, 2013

We received reports people trying to advertise our post using Google Ad word tool automatically get blocked in the effort.

Update 5 – June 20, 2013

occupied palestine weblog censored by google hispan tvHispanTV has featured this blog and the censorship of Palestinian activism and bloggers due to Israeli cyberwar on truth. Click here to watch the video!

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