PALESTINE NEWS | June 13, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
June 13,  2013 | 24206 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2192 days
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Today’s News

“I call on every conscientious human being around the world to do what they can to convince the Israeli authorities to release my son so that he could spend his remaining days or weeks with us
Dura family appeals for release of dying son from Israeli jail

Hamas urges world community to pressure Israel to stop settlement (= warcrime) activity

PA: Israeli government, settlers on same page

IOA orders administrative detention of MP Fuqaha for six months


No new Holocaust, Netanyahu vows at Auschwitz exhibit

West Bank lawyers to strike after police assault attorney

Settlers from Bracha attack and harass farmer on his land

Israel To Build More Than 1200 Units For Settlers In West Bank

Israeli occupation closes streets, confiscates lands in Jerusalem

WAFA Hosts AMAN 22nd General Assembly Meeting in Ramallah – WAFA – Palestine News Agency

Hamas stresses Palestinian refugee camps’ neutrality in Lebanon

QUB Palestine Society Opposes DUP Whitewashing at Stormont Israel ‘Celebration’

In 2005, 9,787 truckloads exited Gaza. In 2012, Israel only allowed 254 out. See more here:

“Price Tag” desecrates Jaffa’s Greek Orthodox Cemetery

Racist graffiti found in Christian cemetery in Jaffa

Millions of  Palestinians can’t even go to pray in Jerusalem, but #F1 cars racing in the Holy City

F1 car in Jerusalem joining the car race for injustice and apartheid that is going on right now! #BoycottFerrari

In pictures: the dilemma of Palestinian refugees in Syria

Father: Israeli interrogator threatened 13-year old son “to bring a Sudanese man to rape the boy”

Report: Israel guard shoots Palestinian armed with knife

Survey: Israeli Jews tolerate settlements, status quo

Gaza Strip nearly self-sufficient in growing grapes

Islamic Jihad ‘preparing next generation to resist’

Israel deals another blow to Kerry peace talk efforts

#GazaUnderAttack | Army Opens Fire At Palestinians In Khan Younis via @AlQassamBrigade

Army: “Shots Fire At Settlement Bus Near Nablus”

What Bradley Manning Showed The World About Israel/Palestine

MK Akunis Claims Palestinians Not Ready for Statehood

Israel releases Nablus prisoner after 10 years

Hamdallah calls for timeframe to end occupation

Israeli settlers attack cars, homes in northern West Bank

#GazaUnderAttack | June 13, 2013 | Full List of 188 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations – Updated

#GazaUnderAttack | Israeli Army Opens Fire At Palestinians In Khan Younis

At USA Today: @AliciaKeys urged to cancel concert in Israel ~ by Steve Jones

Israel to expand two settlements with over 1000 housing units

Land Swaps Should Be Off the Table in Israel-Palestine Negotiations (Shawan Jabarin, The Huffington Post)

Woman wounded in Gaza family brawl

Army: 10 Palestinians detained in southern West Bank

Female detainee released from Israeli prison after 21 months incarceration

Hamas: PA arrests 4 party members in Nablus

In Israel, a conversation about the future of occupation is part of the occupation

“I fell down but they kept on beating me. I saw other soldiers beating my mother and sisters.” Lena, 28,

Essential reading for Palestine activists! Main story: PSC demand answers from BBC DG

‘Israel  injects Palestinian prisoners with dangerous viruses’

Zionist colonists carried out 165 “price tag” attacks against Palestinians in a year

Israeli MK Danon: “The Palestinian Future is In Jordan”

#PalHunger | Four administrative detainees halt hunger strike following Israeli pledge

On Palestinian footballer and hunger striker Mahmoud Sarsak and state of football

Jewish settlers escalate attacks on Palestinian properties in occupied West Bank

Dismantling Al-Aqsa: Israel initiates diggings near Al-Maghariba Gate for building of Jewish center

Comfy reading your newspaper?
Over 1600 attacks by colonist settlers since dec 2010

Israeli officer forces Palestinian to drink wine at gunpoint

Breaking up Palestinian life so Israelis can live comfortably

Settlers Deface Christian Cemetery In Jaffa
Dear @pontifex how long will the vatican remain silent?

A delegation of Israeli journalists entered Jerusalem’s al Aqsa compound

Israel puts settlements above peace with Palestinians


Israel to Build More Settlements

Israel pushes plans for 1,100 settler homes

Gaza under Siege – Center for Research on Globalization

Does @FerrariMagazine know “Cars Became Weapons”: Israeli Settlers Deliberately Wound &  Kill by Hit & Run Attacks

Watch a video:
Another violent eviction by Israel

Irish Christian Friends of Israel’s tacit support for Illegal Settlements cannot go unchallenged

.@AbirKopty tells me about being interrogated by Israeli police over a blog post she wrote …

Israeli colonialism, permanent negotiations and the international community

Every Red Dot on the map
Has been 1 of #Palestine’s towns
Eradicated from earth
Dear all. Do you know what ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Bedouin looks like?
A photo compilation of a demolition

An Interview with the Lawyer (@StanleyCohenLaw ) Representing bin Laden’s Son-in-Law | VICE

As #US tries to revive peace talks Israel expands settlements
(as usual,now Bibi & Kerry with popcorn on the couch)

Albawaba reporting is NO NEWS:
Israel minister says there will never be a Palestinian state

Likud Program: Excerpts from the “Peace and Security” Chapter (Vanished from Knesset Website)

Likud:   “The Jordan river will be the permanent eastern border of the State of Israel.” & more:

Likud:”The Gov’t of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river” …

The sole PROCESS going on
The Process of orchestrating DOA talks
Not for peace
But to buy time 4 Ethnic Cleansing

Palestine decries Israel’s new outposts plan –

Against Begin-Praver: All the Facts About Bedouin Settlement of the Negev ~ by @rhreng

Follow @rhreng (Rabbis for Human Rights) Website at
For all activism against ethnic cleansing of Palestinian bedouin

Thousands of Arab Negev residents rally against Prawer Plan

Attackers desecrate Palestinian Christian graves in Jaffa near Tel Aviv

Gaza teen killed in motorcycle accident

Gaza teen killed in motorcycle accident

Settling = Still a warcrime by law but plans building 675 new housing units south of Nablus

#PalHunger | Detainee Abu Khudair returns to hunger strike after IPS breaks its promise

Settlers Deface Christian Cemetery In Jaffa

‘Medical ethics-free zone’: US doctors call to stop force feeding in #Gitmo

1354 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria so far

Break the Gag: Judge Refuses to Allow Israelis to Learn Identities of Bar Noar Murder Suspects ~ by @Richards1052

Israel’s occupation forces arrest shaikh Hussein Amro

Settlers attack 2 Jerusalemites with knives

Senior Israeli minister: Palestinians will be governed by Jordan 

Hamas accuses PA forces of thwarting reconciliation efforts


Kerry in US more settlements for the zionist celebration:
Israel to expand 2 settlements with 1000+ new housing units

It’s TIME all religious people, serving the same & only Allaah SWT/G-d/God & end abuse of our religions by those who seek only worldly greed

Israel’s crimes Against Jews

Israel’s Crimes Against Africans

Israel’s Crimes Against Christians

Kerry is so confident his efforts will be fruitful he has asked the EU to halt its own peace-seeking efforts for now

TODAY: General strike of Bedouin-Palestinians in Israel
via @aicnews

Yesterday some Jewish people were shocked seeing these photos & video: How Israel assaults Jewish people, even rabbis

Shocking video of #NWO Zionist Jews admitting they want to destroy every none jew …

UN Watch also attacking Richard Falk

Jewish settlers use knives in assaulting Jerusalemite old woman, young man

Israel to expand West Bank settlement of Itamar in a move seen as a major insult to Kerry, USA.

Shame on Jordanian gov’t for supporting Jewish Supremacy by helping Israel deport refugees because they’re not Jewish

US Campaign to end the occupation(s) by Israel

Hamas hunger strikers moved to isolation cells

2012: Spain increases military exports to Israel …

Turkey, England boycott Haifa’s International Writers Football Tournament

Unlucky for some? Caterpillar Board Member to Address Washington Uni Class of ’13

Remember Um Muhammad, whose injured son Harvard researchers in Shatila didn’t want to hear about? An update:

VIDEO | Tens of thousands Jews protesting the State of Israel in NYC ~ by @netureikartausa

VIDEO | Breaking the Silence: Looting and Bribery

US Congress is owned by Israel. Conspiracy, for sure, but conspiracy FACT, not theory

Suspicion and Hate: Racist Attacks On Arabs Increase in Israel

Afrikanische Flüchtlinge in Israel: Letzte Ausfahrt Tel Aviv

Now in ENG: Even 1 hour per week of anti-racism education is deemed too much for Israeli lawmakers, who voted it down

About #Israel’s Racism against Africans

→ @Davidsheen’s web: Reports, Video & More

165 “Price Tag” Attacks Carried Out This Year
via. @imemcnews

CCM stand unshaken on Palestine rights – Daily News

Israeli Involvement in NSA Spying by Stephen Lendman June 9, 2013 It doesn’t surprise. On June 8, Haaretz…

VIDEO | Tens of thousands Jews protesting the State of Israel in NYC  ~ by @netureikartausa

Turkey labels Israel terrorist state for Gaza offensive – India Today

For who forgot
How Israel’s assaults on Gaza look like:
Cast Lead:

And the recent assaults

Behinderte im Gaza-Streifen: Der Traum vom Leben ohne Grenzen

Legislator Abdul-Jabbar Foqaha Moved To Administrative Detention

Israel pushes plans for 1,100 settler homes 

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