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June 12, 2013 by occpal

It’s time:  This is a call to all religious people, serving the same one & only Allaah SWT/G-d/God to end abuse of our religions by those who seek only worldly greed.

It’s time:  To fight united against prejudices and hatred. Funneled up  by creating and sustaining ignorance by those who hijack our morals, values and tolerance. Solely because it does not feed their greed.

Love & co-existence does not ‘pay’ those hunting for worldly gain.  It’s not about you. Not about us.  It’s to serve their selfish causes. 

It’s time: We religious people make a change and set the example.

If you’re not religious – mark my words – you are also abused as an ‘asset’  by the zionist regimes and it’s allies, for the tax on your sour earned salary aids zionism too. And if you don’t pay tax, be ensured you will and can be used as a channel and outlet of imposed fear and hatred. The fuel for their engine.

Personally I do not care which religion a person is dedicated too. Neither if you are religious or not at all. In which colors you come neither. There’s only one kind of human:  The Human Species

Israel posing itself as a “Jewish State’ violates every teaching of God (no matter how you call Him) and rapes every plain common sense,  morals and values and flourishes by dividing. The very holocaust in which the Jewish people we’re victimized, persecuted long before this as well, is now imposed on literally anyone who is not complying with the zionist mindset.

I neither don’t care if you’re politically engaged or interested. But remember  this:

Left-wing, right wing, all are part of the system invented by those few abusers of a  mankind which HAS NO WINGS YET!

Knowledge is no wisdom yet. Some men walk on the moon but still is unable to walk in peace for a single day.

Maybe you’ll understand the day you hope to get some wings… but before you or I get to this point or state of pondering let’s start by ourselves.

Whether you are a believer or not: You have been granted a brain and a free will, to think, to decide for your own. I challenge you to use it. Or at least to get informed in order to be able to make up your own mind.

And if you are an atheist (and as devoted Muslim I pray that Allaah SWT may guide you) overcome the prejudices and fears induced by what has been told to you or all whatsoever ‘you might have heard’.

Visit a Synagogue, a Church. Go to a Mosque and convince yourselves.

Muslims, Jews, Christians are no threat but the whole of Islam, Judaism and Christianity are under threat.

I can not change the world. But I surely will try. Reaching out to build bridges is easier than bombing them. For our future which we do not own. The future, is only what we leave behind to our children. It’s up to you whether they will continue to live in this incitement and mess. or whether they’ll grow up in tolerance and peace.

To create more awareness about e abuse of religions and ethnicities for the sake of the oppressors who are longing for world’s dominion, 3 banners have been added on the right side of this blog:

Israel's crimes against Jews (Click to open the link)

Israel’s crimes against Jews (Click to open the link)

Israel's Crimes Against Africans (Click to open the link to the best source online: David Sheen's website)

Israel’s Crimes Against Africans (Click to open the link to the best source online: David Sheen’s website)

Israel's crimes against Christians (Click to open the link)

Israel’s crimes against Christians (Click to open the link)

Remember:  Allaah SWT/G-d/God did not draw borders.  For those without a religion commitment and those who believe in the Big Bang you’ll know as well if you fetch your telescope.

It’s time we bundle and enforce our (tele)scopes. Into our hearts for in that place, the sole remains of our own worldly existence will remain forever. In the hearts of those loved ones, or the ones you touched in there. For being tolerant, sharing, loving and granting every human being respect, which you desire for your own as well.

For what is in the hearts of those left behind is the sole aspect of your very existence remaining behind, when you’re out of sight but definitely after you’re gone for good.


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