PALESTINE NEWS | June 14, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
June 14,  2013 | 24207 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2193 days
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Today’s News

IOF Arrest Palestinian Youth from Qabatiya

In Photos: Israel’s Settlers Burn Two Cars In Jerusalem

Palestinian Female Prisoners Suffer Abuse in Israeli Jails

Al-Aqsa Foundation condemns organizing Formula 1 race in occupied #Jerusalem

William Sutcliffe’s “The Wall” joins the list of young adult fiction tackling the subject of Palestine

Chuck Norris: “U think I’m a tough guy? In a rough neighbourhood like MidE, Israel has it’s own tough guy, Netanyahu”

“They are aggressive just by being there with the army around them”​ Soldier about settler tours in #Hebron

Blog to End the Occupation: Ask the State Department about Palestinian Refugees

Tourism in Palestine an Act of Solidarity, says Minister of Tourism – WAFA

Suspected settler vandalism in East Jerusalem

Minister Burt Visits Gaza: “Palestinian State without Gaza is Inconceivable”

Palestinian women urge Alicia Keys not to perform in Israel (The Grio)

PA “doing it’s best” blocking third Intifada and will sit with Netanyahu if he accepts ’67 borders

Mahmoud Sarsak: ‘Football is my weapon of resistance’

Haniyeh heads to Egypt for talks on reconciliation

Collective punishment #Gaza must end: #Israel’s blockade enters its 7th year. UN expert

Sweden may cut Palestinian aid

Israel discovers two West Bank tunnels

US censures Israel for settlement plans

The Israeli occupation interrogators have forced Palestinian female detainee to remove her headscarf (Hijab)…

Settlers Set Fire to Two Vehicles in Occupied Jerusalem

Al-Aqsa Foundation condemns organizing Formula 1 race in occupied Jerusalem

Greatest joke of century PA will suppress any intifada, go into new DOA talks if he accepts alredy denied ’67 borders

Hamas slams Judaization projects

10 year-old boy released by Israeli army after being arrested earlier today in #KafrQuddum

British Rabbis campaign against eviction of Bedouin

@RT_com: BREAKING: Moscow unconvinced by US evidence of Syrian chemical weapons use

Attackers desecrate Palestinian Christian graves near Tel Aviv (Ma’an News Agency)

The Secret War

Stuxnet was only the beginning
From front door key to a free Palestine: the musical intifada of @docjazzmusic

Palestinian Seriously Injured At The Qalandia Terminal

Seven Palestinians Kidnapped By The Army In West Bank

BREAKING: S.African Ambassador to Israel rejects & returns #JNF “gift” from Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

.@AbirKopty in #US:
Palestinians must reach out to African American community

Of course no one digged in Warsaw Ghetto…
Report: Israel finds tunnels under West Bank wall

Against Begin-Prawer
| All the Facts About Bedouin Settlement of the Negev ~ by @rhreng Rabbis for Human Rights
General strike in Negev protesting forced eviction of inhabitants

PCHR Weekly Report: 7 civilians wounded 51 abducted in 69 Israeli incursions this week

Tadamun Foundation reveals details of the Israeli “Anti-Terror Bill” submitted by Tzipi Livni

Israel banned @shireenessawi from practicing her job as a lawyer for 2 more years

Government documents reveal the pervasive questioning of Muslims at border crossings all over the US

Report: “Tel Aviv University Received Finances From Settler Group”

During May 150 Jerusalemites arrested 13 institutions demolished along with an increase of settlers’ attacks in J’lem

Mossad chief made secret visit to Turkey, asked to meet Erdogan

An Interview with the Lawyer (Must Follow! @StanleyCohenLaw ) representing bin Laden’s Son-in-Law ~ at VICE

When ‘black’ becomes synonymous with ‘infiltrator’

Soldiers Close The Entrance Of Azzoun Village, Near Qalqilia, Searches Car And Interrogate Palestinians

Palestinian Seriously Injured By Israeli Army Fire At The Qalandia Terminal North Of Jerusalem

Right-wing NGO funding Tel Aviv University dig in East Jerusalem

Children detained by Israeli army as young as 6 years old: a new trend? 

#Israel #Palestine

“Operation Summer Seeds”:
Israeli forces train and arm settlers to attack Palestinians

PA: Israeli government, settlers on same page

Twitter must disclose authors of anti-Semitic tweets, French appeals court rules | The Verge 

Zahalka: “Government, Police, Responsible For Escalating Settler Violence”

Over 1600 attacks by colonist settlers since dec 2010

VIDEO | Tens of thousands Jews protesting the State of Israel in NYC  ~ by @netureikartausa

100-Year-Old General: We Razed Arab Villages, So What? 

IOF arrests 9 Palestinian in WB

Very loud shelling from the Israeli navy 750am #Gaza

Activist @AbirKopty: “‘Security’ is the magic word used by Israel to legitimize [its] violation of human rights”

Hamas urges world community to pressure Israel to stop settlement (= warcrime) activity

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