Tadamun Foundation reveals details of the Israeli “Anti-Terror Bill” submitted by Tzipi Livni

[ PIC 13/06/2013 – 09:12 PM ]

Burning the Israeli flag will count as an act of “terrorism” according to the new bill

NABLUS, (PIC)– Tadamun Foundation for Human Rights revealed details of the so-called “Anti-Terror Bill” submitted by Tzipi Livni to the Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation.

Ahmad al-Bitawi, a researcher at the Foundation, confirmed that in case the bill is approved by the Israeli Knesset, it would replace the “national state of emergency regulations”.

The law, introduced in 2010 by the Israeli Justice, Foreign and War ministries and the Shin Bet, particularly targets Palestinians and the indigenous Arab population in Israel, Bitawi said.

Bitawi confirmed that this law strengthens Shin Bet powers and legalizes the administrative detention. It does not only target those “convicted of terror attacks”, but also those who express support, allows confining “suspects” up to 30 days without granting them the right to any legal representation, he explained.

For his part, Asim Assida a specialist at the Foundation reported that, under the new law, persons who even express support to groups labeled by Israel as “hostile” or “terrorist” could be convicted as “terrorist”, including charity groups who are affiliated to these groups.

It also considers financial support or show of sympathy to these organizations as an “act of terror”, he added.

According to this law, the Israeli War Ministry is entitled to declare any organization as “terrorist” without giving a chance to the “suspects” to defend themselves or to appeal against the decision, he added.

Under this law, any Palestinian who throws a cigarette that causes fire could be labeled as “terrorist,” he continued

Such simple charge could lead to the imprisonment of the accused up to three years, he explained.

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