13-year-old child released on bail after interrogator threatened to rape him


Al Qassam website | 15-06-2013,09:28

Occupied Jerusalem- The Magistrate Court in Jerusalem ordered the release of 13-year-old Jerusalemite child Ismail Muhaisen on bail.

The father, Tawfik Muhaisen, said on Friday that the court ordered the release of his son on Thursday after paying a one thousand shekels bail in addition to another 5000 shekels bail to paid by a third party.

He said that the court also put the conditions that Ismail should not approach the mountain area near his hometown of Issawiye and should not talk with his friends, who are accused of starting fire in that area, for three months.

The father said that one of the Israeli interrogators threatened his son that he would bring a Sudanese man to rape him in order to force him to confess. He added that the judge ordered an investigation into the incident.

Israeli police forces arrested six children in Issawiye last week on the charge of starting fire in the town’s nearby hills. They were released a few days later with the same conditions imposed on Ismail.

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