PALESTINE NEWS | June 15, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
June 15,  2013 | 24208 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2194 days
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Today’s News

#Syria Does not Need #Morsi And His Sheikhs ~ by @Zeinobia …

Video: British parliament hosts Gaza children’s photo exhibition
 & keeps supporting #Israel attacking them

Milwaukee rally supports Palestine, says “Don’t award apartheid!” – Fight Back! Newspaper

Sign a thank-you note that will be delivered to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. And see video of him.

UN justice champion Richard Falk targeted (again) – Intifada Palestine

Collective punishment in Gaza must end: Israel’s blockade enters its 7th year … – YubaNet (press release)—UN-Special-Rapporteur.php

Iran will send 4,000 troops to aid Bashar al-Assad’s forces in #Syria

“Yes, we are funding the occupation,” Swedish minister @CarlssonSwe glibly tells Gaza youth | @RanaGaza

Four administrative prisoners suspend their hunger strike after Israeli pledges

Work starts on seven-storey building on Palestinian land next to Al-Aqsa

Einstein would turn himself in the grave: Monstrous Carbuncle on Jerusalem Skyline to Showcase Einstein Legacy

Approximately 1,350 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria

Newspapers Review: Dailies Highlight Israeli Vandalism of Palestinian Property – WAFA – Palestine News Agency

Gaza under Siege – Dissident Voice

Settlers burn 300 olive trees near Nablus, Israeli army obstructs firefighters

Journal: Settler harassment in Tel Rumeida

Hamas says party working towards national unity

Israel bars children over eight from visiting fathers in prison ~ by @jncatron

Ulema highlight need to support Jihad in Syria, Palestine

MP Halayka: The PA flouts the reconciliation agreements

Haj Saadi Alsakhal dies under torture in PA jails

Theft of names and land by JNF under attack

Child Wael Badran, 6 years old, killed in road accident near Nablus

Israeli military restrictions in Dura

Prisoners say special Israeli units raiding wards

Israel Detained 370 Palestinians in May, Along with 85 Children

Ni’lin: Words versus the Occupation

In Mexico, US-funded surveillance uses Israeli technology to spy on citizens, help drug cartel | Jimmy Johnson

One young man injured by a bullet on Qalandia checkpoint

AFC President praises Palestine’s efforts to improve infrastructure – Yahoo! Singapore News

IOF hand demolition orders to Palestinian villagers

Israeli army detains a 10-year-old during the weekly demonstration in Kafr Qaddum

This Week in Palestine Week 24 2013 – International Middle East Media Center

For Urif the price can never be high enough

The Ghost of the Latroun Area: 46 Years of Occupation
(@alhaq_org Weekly Focus)

10 years after another Egypt brokered #US pushed cease fire Israel violates Gaza truce 192x killed 5 wounded dozens

Shaath: PA spending on Israeli security more than education budget

Palestinian student sentenced to 10 years in Israeli jails

Right-wing settlement organisation Elad funds excavations in Silwan – Jerusalem

Palestinian man living in a sand dune areas in the city of Khan Younis Despite the cruelty of life, but not…

Nablus man dies of heart attack after PA arrests son

US gives Israeli minister a ride in V-22 Osprey aircraft

Hamas Launch a Media campaign to stop incitement against Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

Palestinian citizen wounded in IOF shooting in central Gaza

Police: Man’s death in Hebron suspicious

NOT COVERED BY YOUR MEDIA | Full List of 192 documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations |

Sinai tribes warn of Palestinian intervention in June 30 protests

Palestine Peace & Solidarity South Korea – Hyundai demolishing #Palestine – Cartoon by @CarlosLatuff

Egyptian smuggler found dead in Rafah

13-year-old child released on bail after interrogator threatened to rape him

UN slams Israel settlement expansion
not violation OF LAW @secgen it’s still a warcime BY LAW

Dweik: Danon’s remarks are racist exposing Israel’s true image

IOF Arrest 16-year-old Palestinian

Israel Must End Gaza Blockade says UN Official – WAFA
The facts on the Brutal Blockade of Gaza

Family sends handcrafted violins to Palestinian children (Stephen Magagnini, The Sacramento Bee)

Journal: Settler harassment in Tel Rumeida×6

Hamdallah says government to boost development

FPJ slams Israeli journalists for defiling Aqsa Mosque

EU condemns Gaza death sentences (But lacks to act against Israel’s criminal extrajudicial executions!)

PCHR: 30 Israeli violations against Palestinian fishermen in 3 months

OCHA: Communities in the Jerusalem periphery at risk of forcible transfer

Why Israeli soldiers don’t ‘break the silence’ about occupation abuses directly to the IDF ”

Turkish protesters to ‘continue resistance’ despite PM concession

‘NY Times’ publishes defense of racial segregation in Israel

#Cartoon by Carlos Latuff for Palestine Peace & Solidarity South Korea – Hyundai demolishing #Palestine

There is no way home to Palestinians but Resistance- the alternative is death.

Social activists hold protest flotilla against exporting gas – Ynetnews,7340,L-4392542,00.html

EU condemns Gaza death sentences
but lacks to ACT on Israel’s extrajuducial executions

Protests in Nablus against high cost of living

Settlers burn two cars, deface wall of building with racist slurs in J’lem

Why I break the Silence?

Jordan King Abdullah said the US should be “captain of the team” in urging Arab states to provide arm to Syria rebels

Israeli snipers attack farmers and wound man in Gaza

Ni’lin: Words versus the Occupation

The arrogance of the Israeli attitude illustrates that carrots without sticks are unlikely to work. Read more:

Israel Detained 370 Palestinians in May, Along with 85 Children

Former S. African Amb to Israel rejects JNF trees planted in his name in forest built on demolished Bedouin village

Ha’aretz: Indictments for sex crimes in IDF doubled in 2012 

Palestinian poet, translator win prestigious Griffin Poetry Prize

France condemns Israeli settlement plans

Palestinians demonstrate across West Bank

Ban terms Israeli settlement push illegal

Nasrallah accuses West of hypocrisy over Syria

Israel furious over Red Cross (@ICRC) interview with Turkish NGO official

IDF Cuts Gaza Border Communities from Pager Alerts: Yeshiva World News

which rockets attacks?

Israel declares planning 1000 new housing units in Bethlehem (Settling is still a warcrime by Law)

Israeli army: No West Bank tunnels uncovered

VIDEO | Residents of Beit Hanina stand against eviction

VIDEO | Farming in Beit Hanoun, Gaza Strip

#GazaUnderAttack | June 14, 2013 | Full List of 192 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations – Updated

@BBC questioned over why it pulled documentary on Jerusalem | by Amena Saleem of @PSCupdates

Talking about zionist troopers using rifle butts… remember zionazi Eisner?

Israel’s soldiers attack Palestinian in Nablus: Struck him with rifle-butts

PHOTO | This kid was detained for hours before being released June 14, 2013 #Palestine

The @BBC bias raised again by vanishing programme on myth of Jewish exile
~ at Jews for Justice for Palestinians web

Collective punishment in Gaza must end – (press release)

Gaza man seriously injured in self-immolation attempt

Part of Palestinian Refugee Week: PRC Participates in UN Human Rights Session in #Geneva

PA security arrest Hamas elements in WB, Hamas slams PA political arrests

Hamas delegation leaves Gaza for Cairo reconciliation talks

Abir Kopty was interrogated over article critical of Israel’s attempts to recruit Palestinian Christians to army

California violin maker’s family donates 10 violins to Palestine – Updated News

Israel claims Uncovering Two Tunnels In West Bank

PCHR Weekly Report: 7 civilians wounded, 51 abducted in 69 Israeli incursions this week

Israeli Soldiers Shoot, Arrest Palestinian at Qalandiya Military Checkpoint,-arrest-palestinian-at-qalandiya-military-checkpoint

@ICAI_2 posted 12 photos on Facebook in the album “Nabi Saleh weekly demonstration, Jun. 14, 2013”

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