Thank you @support of @twitter for unsuspending @Chez_Em!

June 16, 2013 by occpal

We kindly request twitter to unsuspend our fellow activist @Chez_Em

Defender of Human Rights for all oppressed people and tirelessly in effort to highlight violations of those inalienable human rights of Palestinians.

This is Em, and we want her back!


Reminding that:

Article 19 of the ICCPR states:

“Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of (their) choice.” This right requires that all governments meet their responsibility to ensure that no one is silenced or excluded simply because they lack access to communication technology.

Source: AAAS Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights and Law Program

Update from @Chez_Em (20:45 Palestine Time)

Em is waiting to hear for a reason from twitter. The twitter Support team said if it were aggressive behaviour or spam she would have received an email telling her this but she has not received any email nor such a warning.  A request to review the case was filed but twitter has not answered so far.

We’re in contact with Em all the time and will keep you updated on the censorship of this great woman. As soon as twitter provides her a reply or  explanation; resulting in unsuspending her account: we will post it here to inform you about the developments and further action alerts which will go on until her account is reinstated.

Update 2 from @Chez_Em (June 17, 2013 11:25 Palestine Time)

Dear all. Em is moved by the support you are giving her but unfortunately has not received news from twitter yet and is about to file another ticket.
please keep spreading this appeal!

Update 2 from @Chez_Em (June 17, 2013 21:00 Palestine Time)

Great News! Our Em is back online!

Gratitude to all of our followers, friends and activists who have supported the request to unsuspend @Chez_Em!

We will be much obliged for an explanation to publish here aside from our gratitude for it is still  unclear to us as well as to Em why she had been suspended in the first place so thank you twitter for making the correct choice of reinstating this great woman!



While accounts like @JIDF publicly on twitter calls for formation of armed militia in every major town in the world stay online.

And this as well:

Below, a small selection of death/rape and other threats, activists for Palestine receive. Including calls for genocide and more,  done by mostly paid trolls &  supporters of Israel in their own declared web war.

Reporting profiles on social networks of those who try to break the silence of mainstream media and fight Israel’s war on Truth. Watch which buttons are pushed to silence activists, press, and those who dare to speak out. From tweeting until termination.

Which seems to be tolerated by twitter.

Behold and ask yourselves why these people are not suspended in stead.

Dec 2, 2012
The “Jewish *Internet* Defense Force” threatening to form and deploy armed militia in “each major city” ! (Read more here and here)

First of all. The JIDF has nothing to do with Judaism at all. More about that below this post.

The ‏@JIDF stating in it’s profile:

“Leading the Fight Against Antisemitism & Terrorism online. Coordinating Concerned Citizens Globally. Promoting Israel, Jewish Pride, Knowledge, and Unity”

Known for his support for terrorlist affiliated and listed groups like Kach Kahane, supporter of the infamous JDL…calls on twitter hashtags tweets with “#serious” while calling for formation of armed groups militia to deploy in “each major city in the world” etc etc. as below:


For those not known with “JIDF” here’s a very detailed report about David Brotsky and more at the “Tikun Olam” website of Richard Silverstein.

JIDF who already in 2009 expressed his support for the terrorlisted JDL as well as inspiration by Meir Kahane repeated his support again for this malicious organisation/persons:

Conact with JDL


After “threats” of forming armed militia, JIDF already gave the #middlefingersup in belows 2011 tweet, spreading terrorlisted propaganda


Not only shouting and disseminating on the internet… on radio as well!


Anyway, if you think he’s just a shouter, let’s hope these ‘recruits’ do not get driven by his incitement and don’t become real shooters:
(btw below is one minute digging, for who wants to have a day’s job screendumping JIDF’s fans’ pledges to comply there’s more)





Received on Nov 25, 2012

Received before

Would you buy a book with half the pages torn out?

The policies of twitter, of restricting , totally excluding tweeps from API or any other visiblity moderation is severely worrying,  for if anyone is interested in news and apply a “search” you expect to get all info on the topic and not a pre-selection determined by a paying suppressor who determines what you get and won’t get to see.

You neither would buy a book about a certain topic of which half the pages are torn out. This is a  blatant violation to the right on information according to Art 19 of the ICCPR.

In august 2011 we contacted several people prominent in the field of Free Speech among which Jillian C. York and asked for attention on this matter especially not only because Palestinian or Pro Palestine tweeps were affected, other activists also suffered these restrictions as here where similar free speech killings by twitter in Bahrain, Iran, China & Saudia are related, with no real result at all other than it might have been “user-related” (not to say personal problem) or likewhise insinuations to bagatalize the “real-(time)” censorship.

Twitter is not only Information but also Communication

Communication has become a human right for it is a basic need. In some cases last year, twitter saved lives during revolutions when mobile services we’re taken down and people during #Jan25 gave internetaccess in #Egypt to tweeps through their routers. The cut of mobile phone service by Vodafone cost several lives. Even attempts to silence twitter and blackout all communications failed. More about Egypt’s pledge in the battle can be read in the post of colleague blogger Zeinobia: Regarding the #Twittercensored

Also afterwards, #Egypt proved with #TahrirSupplies, that twitter was a very powerful tool for organizing emergency need, to make emergency calls for medical supplies, first aid manuals distribution and, calls for very urgent blood donors and much more. Personally I witnessed several occassions where doctors online on twitter were saving lives over the timeline or arranging emergency aid. How can a platform like twitter even attempt to pose an infringement on these kinds of communication and possibilities for life sustaining or – saving needs?

Social networks not only function for activism but has also become a mean of communication by which lack lifes could be endangered!

Succinct – Twitter has become “too powerfull”

It is very clear that the only cause being served by the  already existing and expanding censorship  is serving only those in whose interest it is to silence the truth. To mute the live streams, to shut the eyes and mouths of the witnesses of events.

While exactly those apparently in need of censorship are not silenced at all. We can witness (and debunk!) lies of for example the Israeli army and their online paid recruits almost on daily basis.

While mass murderes like #Oslo’s Anders Breivik, Queen of fascist and racist incitement Pamela Geller and all other zionists and neocons publicly – even on the very moment of the writing of this blogpost – still can be found on twitter,  followed and thus all their related sickening and violating tweets with dito content of their “fans” – which even contain threats, promoting of genocidal ideologies and more – and all these are not censored at all.

While we saw “Live” thanks to twitter and other social media, how #Egypt’s #Jan25 got suppressed and yet survived the censorship, we saw #occupy tweeps being beaten up and fascist officers teargassing little kids. We saw live the horrendous crimes in Bahrain, Syria,  Libya. And we even saw “First World “police and “men on duty” confiscating smartphones, blackberries and tablet, pc’s and in fact, literally everything which was able to give a  carrier for one thing:  The TruthThe Eye Witness AccountsThe Evidence in pictures and video

Professional & Citizen Journalism “under fire…”

Not only from tweeps, also from journalists as their profession due to censorship or the power of money has factually died. Hundreds, no thousands of journalists lost their lives in the effort to bring us truth and evidence of reality and suppression, and now… even the “citizen-journalism” has come under fire.

We were glad to see Reporters without Borders immediately acted by sending a letter to the CEO of @twitter Jack Dorsey urging him not to cooperate with censors

Yet there are Rights….!


Read why many Activists for Human Rights for Palestine get suspended or silenced: Truth does not matter for “Israel”. Buttons Do. To mute.

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