PALESTINE NEWS | June 16, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
June 16,  2013 | 24210 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2196 days
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Rights group holds Abbas responsible for death of elderly man in Nablus jail

Israeli settlers storm Aqsa mosque

Israel deprives prisoner Mohammed Fuqaha of family visits for 12 years

Medical negligence: Health condition of prisoners in Ramon worsening

Netanyahu opposes calling Jewish terrorists terrorists to prevent rift with ally lawmakers who draw support from them

Refugees criticize Egypt for Syria move

The PA fails to submit Battir for UNESCO World Heritage

Two fishermen arrested by Israeli navy & their boat confiscated  ~ by @rosa_schiano at @ismpalestine #GazaUnderAttack

#GazaUnderAttack | Palestinian farmer injured by Israeli army fire ~ by @rosa_schiano at @ismpalestine

Israeli occupation forces quell march commemorating three villages ethnically cleansed by Israel

Israeli settlers uproot Palestinian olive trees and tore down a small wharehouse in Qasra Village

An Hour to Murder an Old Man Under the Sun 

Autopsy on Maysara Abu Hamdiyya who died from cancer in Israeli jails confirms he died from medical neglect by Prison authorities

South #TelAviv residents write their feelings about African refugees on Facebook: “gas them in the shower”,”put them in extermination camps”


Israelis from South TelAviv on African refugees: “we need to establish a Nazi party, its either them or us!”,734

European Parliament resolution of 13 June 2013 on the freedom of press and media in the world (2011/2081(INI))

Ban on Palestinians living with spouses in Israel ~ @LasVegasSun

Omar El Qattaa photographer from #Gaza participation in photo gallery in city of #Lille in #France

Israeli occupation authority holds 15 female captives

Forensics confirm Haj Sadi al-Sakhel died of heart attack outside PA security HQ

Blog Ethics and Politics ~ by Prof Em Richard Falk (@rfalk13)

Israeli gov’t to back law allowing discrimination against Palestinians, ultra-Orthodox

PHOTOS | Israeli “man” assaults 2 Palestinian women in Jerusalem

Israeli occupation forces blast commercial store during wide campaign in Al-Khalil

British Trade Union Votes to Strengthen Boycott of Israel

Interview with 2 Palestinian paramedics:
“They don’t care if we are medics” ~ @IsmPalestine

Security source: Gunmen kill 4 Lebanese Shiites

.@docjazzmusic in the Netherlands: Performance and Interviews – video and written

How speaking out about the occupation nearly landed me in jail ~ by @ygurvitz

‘Russia wants Iran at Geneva 2 confab’

VIDEO | @DocJazzMusic about the Nakba: “A thief always has a story” – with English subs

Press Release: Wave of Opposition to Praver/Begin Persists among Diaspora Jewry | Rabbis for Human Rights

Gaza: Young man killed in blast at home

Israeli warplanes in intensified flights over Gaza

3 Palestinians detained for illegally entering Egypt

What was Israeli-linked firm Narus’ role in latest NSA spying scandal & how far back does its history of spying go?

Palestine drops bid to register new UNESCO heritage site

Hamas mourns death of Haj Sakhel who was tortured to death by PA, demands retribution

Dar reiterates support to Palestinian cause – Daily News

France’s burkha ban sparks violence across Paris after police try to arrest woman for wearing a veil and pregnant woman is attacked for covering her face

Dec 2011 French mother, 32, set to become first woman to be jailed for wearing banned Islamic veil

#France #Islam | Arrest of a Sister wearing Niqab | Arrestation d’une soeur avec burqua ‏ – Video

Video: 21-year-old Palestinian woman has 11 kids

Nasrallah congratulates new Iranian president Rouhani

Between six and F16

Barghouthi: Israeli forces disperse Ramallah march (Ma’an News Agency)

Racist fund is racist, @stopthejnf &take away charity status– What’s between the JNF &pro-Israel graffiti in Hebron?

Greenwashing Apartheid – Free eBook of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network –Download here:

Settler Tour, settler harassment in occupied Khalil via @IsmPalestine

Groundbreaking lawsuit alleging discrimination against Muslim Americans moves forward

PHOTO | “Our Revenge will be the Laughter of our Children”
Ireland Solidarity with Palestine

PHOTO | Israeli occupation forces arrested today at dawn Tariq Rabi (20 years) from Mazra’ah Shrqeyah, near Ramallah

PHOTO | How Palestine became Israel #WhyIsrael? ~ by @MRN1SA

PHOTOS | Israel attacks activists and press in Latrun Valley west of Ramallah – June 15, 2013

Hundreds of activists demonstrated yesterday against the privatisation of natural gas, blocking main roads and

The Latrun Valley: An Integral Part of the State of Palestine (PDF)

PA official: Settlers burn 300 olive trees near Nablus (Ma’an News Agency)

Time to Panic Israel
‘Iran independent of global powers’

What Netanyahu left out when he drew his bomb

“Yes, we are funding the occupation,” Swedish minister glibly tells Gaza youth (Rana Baker, The Electronic Intifada)

The Israeli Prisons Service (IPS) decided to bar hundreds of prisoners in Israeli jails from taking the exams for…

New post: Farming in Beit Hanoun, Gaza Strip

New version of  #Resist for #Freedom ~ by @FedaynQuadraro

When the media already knows the details of a war before it happens !
Foreign Policy

Highly recommended watch/read: Israel’s military indoctrination of children ~ by @StephenLendman

Delegation of Israeli journalists enters Jerusalem’s al Aqsa compound

Zionist media lies.


Hassan: Female prisoners’ situation worsens in Israeli jails: Al Khalil – The liberated detainee Salwa Hassan,…

UN justice champion Richard Falk (@rfalk13) targeted (again) ~ by Stuart Littlewood

PHOTO | Mashallah AlQuds this morning it is so beautiful… ~ by @IFalasteen

Current racist laws only led to ethnic-cleansing 25% of Africans from TelAviv, gov’t to enact new rules to increase %,7340,L-4392017,00.html

Follow @davidsheen on twitter for the most comprehensive resources, footage, reports and more about #israel #racism #Africans
Palestinian activist .@AbirKopty: Oslo should go, the peace process serves Israeli interests

Muslims in UK boycott dates produced in illegal Israeli settlements
Attention #UK: Asda, Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Tesco, label Israeli dates as their own product

Last week: Israeli forces arrest the father to force the son to turn himself in

The Israeli Antiquities Authority begins digging in the yard of Dung Gate

Tension in Ashkelon prison due to Israeli special units repeated raids on prison sections

Prisoner Khozeimeh suffers a serious illness

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