Al-Sakhel family reveals more details about Saadi al-Sakhel’s death

[ PIC 17/06/2013 – 06:55 PM ]


NABLUS, (PIC)– Al-Sakhel family, from Nablus, revealed that Haitham Zahran, an officer at PA Intelligence services, was behind the arrest of Saadi al-Sakhel before his death.

The family held the officer responsible for the father’s death who died in PA Intelligence headquarters a few hours after his arrest where he was brutally attacked and harshly beaten.

Al-Sakhel family also called for the prosecution of the officer, while the PA has transferred Zahran from Nablus to Ramallah for fear of the family reaction.

Saadi al-Sakhel was arrested several times by Israeli occupation forces, he is the father of the prisoner Mustafa al-Sakhel who is sentenced to 11 years and the liberated prisoner Nael al-Sakhel.

Meanwhile, hundreds of mourners participated in the funeral procession in Nablus after midday prayer amid high tensions.

The mourners roamed the city streets raising green flags and chanting slogans against PA security services’ practices and praising Hamas and al-Qassem Brigades.

Riot police, armed with batons and shields were deployed in many streets in the city for fear of erupting clashes.

In a related context, Nablus governor Jibril al-Bakri claimed that al-Sakhel suffered from cirrhosis and died Saturday of two consecutive heart attacks in an attempt to absorb public anger.

Meanwhile, the Committee representing Families of Political Prisoners in the West Bank confirmed that Haj Saadi al-Sakhel died on Saturday afternoon in PA Intelligence headquarters in Nablus a few hours after his arrest from his workplace.

PA forces broke violently into Haj al-Sakhel’s workplace on Saturday morning in Rafedia and arrested him and his son Musab.

The PA forces came to arrest Musab but his father refused to hand his son. They started then shooting up in the air before arresting both the son and his father where they were taken to PA intelligence headquarters in Junaid prison, the committee explained.

The committee stressed in its statement that Haj al-Sakhel was beaten to death shortly after his arrest.

The Committee strongly condemned the crime considering it a violation of the national and human values. The statement stressed the need to prosecute those in charge of these security forces for their continued crimes and violations against Palestinian people.

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