PALESTINE NEWS | June 18, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
June 18,  2013 | 24212 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2198 days
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Today’s News

‘Arabs out’ graffiti in Abu Ghosh,7340,L-4393746,00.html

Gaza Government: “We Never Prevented Muslim Students From Attending Christian Schools”

Rowhani firm on Iran nuclear policy

Looking for a New Devil
#Israel #Iran

Palestine Hails Sata –

NGO reveals new ‘Grand Jerusalem’ plan

G-d forsaken squatting Israeli settlers Slash Tires Of 28 Palestinian Cars In Jerusalem

Five Palestinians (inlcuding a child) Kidnapped In West Bank

Israeli settlers threaten to #occupy Palestinian village of Azzun

Settlements Budget Exceeds Allotted Finances By Millions

Palestine Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah refuses Israel protection

G-8 seeks unity on Syrian peace talks, tax evasion (in short: warprofits & damage control)

Israel renews the leader Abu Aoun’s administrative detention | @Ufreenetwork @Amnesty

Divide and Conquer Games: Local and foreign parties target the Palestinian presence in Lebanon

Israeli occupation soldiers round up six Palestinians

Violent confrontations erupt in Fawwar camp after Israeli settlers protected by army attacked Palestinians

UFree: The occupation seeks to legitimize administrative detention

Three sick detainees from Jenin appeal for medical care | @PHR_IL @ICRC @MSF_USA

#PalHunger | Health conditions of two Jordanian prisoners deteriorate

Israeli politicians protect ‘price tag’ attackers

How the Bedouin obstruct Israel’s ‘no Arabs’ goal

WATCH: U.S. State Department determined to prove that 2+2=5 ~ by @AmiKaufman

China urges resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

Ministers are not popular among Palestinians and occasions where ministers debate members of the public are rare

3-year-old dies in fall from 7th floor :(

West Bank families demand freedoms committee to act against political arrests

Crashing and weeping: the sound of Zionism being built

UN Palestine Meeting Convenes in Beijing –

Israeli soldiers who abused disabled Palestinian get four months community service

Fact checking racist incitement against African refugees in Israel

International report urges donors to subsidise projects to maintain public health in Gaza

Israeli plan to dig artesian well in Wadi Rababa neighborhood in Jerusalem

Palestine hails ties with Zambia – Zambia Daily Mail

Dubai Chamber establishes Palestine Business Council

Arutz7 having a #Hasbaragasm

But dare not show this video 

& surely not

Price tag epidemic: 788 cases, 154 indictments,7340,L-4394072,00.html

Zionist settlers puncture 28 Palestinian cars in Occupied Jerusalem

‘We will break free from this mental prison and regain our dignity’

Ynet: IDF turns Palestinian land into security trail,7340,L-4394079,00.html
#Israel #Palestine

Noam Chomsky: We must defend global commons against commercialization, environmental catastrophe & autocratic rule

Hamas chief Mashaal to meet with Turkey’s Erdogan

Palestinians, Israeli forces clash in Nablus village

Players’ union joins Gaza football debate – Falkirk Herald

Settlements, not cool apps, are Israel’s greatest project

“Jawad Naji is not the only [PA] minister to have insulted a large group of the people he claims to represent”

Long queues of vehicles are lining the streets in front of gas stations up and down the
#Gaza Strip in the latest…

The untold story of Gaza’s beaches – Middle East Monitor


Tycoon Rami Levy eyes shopping mall for Israeli settlers

Please sign this important #petition to help stop #torture of #Palestinian  children

Highest number of individual hunger strikers since last year, as 4 Palestinian political prisoners begin

Judge who acquitted war criminals at Hague had ‘close and confidential relations’ with U.S. gov’t

South African diplomat rejects gift from Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

B’Tselem condemns dog attacks

Palestinian writers refused visas for travel to UK

O panic O Panic in the Eretz!
Deputy foreign minister urges revocation of ‘Google Palestine’ – The Times of Israel

Israeli court renews detention of al-Aqsa chief guard

Discriminating Against Arabs Costs Israel Billions

Israeli prison guards detain prisoner’s mother

FCC calls for addressing settlers’ assaults

The Administrative Detentions of Wasfi Kabha
#Palestine #Israel

Two arrested for brutal attack on elderly Palestinian in West Bank

Arrests and demolition orders in Jerusalem

Shimon Peres must be brought to trial for the Qana massacre …

It is time for this world to act!: Muslim woman beaten for wearing a veil looses her unborn child

Israel also kills unborn babies

A Must Read!!
| The double game of IDF military investigations ~ by @ygurvitz

Very weird fulfillment of a RedCross ‘mission statement’:
Qatar Red Crescent Funds Syrian Rebel Arms

Six Palestinian Refugees killed in Yarmouk refugee camp In Syria

Live Blog | The Genocide on Palestinian Refugees in Syria

OIC chief discusses Palestinian issue with ambassador in Jeddah

Settlements Budget Exceeds Allotted Finances By Millions

To get an idea what detention in Israeli prison means for Palestinians see our prisoner interviews here: 

Israel’s soldiers kidnap an elderly man as settlers attack Palestinian shepherds

Youth from Jenin village arrested on return from Jordan

The Palestinian Authority government in Ramallah is not representative of the Palestinian people.

A pregnant Muslim women in France has suffered a miscarriage after being attacked for wearing a face veil: …

Israeli forces begin demolishing school in Azzun Atma

Top Hamas delegation meets with Egyptian president in Cairo

Mayor: Abu Ghosh hate crime attack ‘act of cowardice’

Tires were punctured on 28 cars in the Palestinian village of Abu Ghosh overnight. “Arabs Go Home” was sprayed on the walls. [JPost 18/6]

Actions to support #PalHunger need RELOAD!
Issawi in very bad shape
Others (re)started strike as well

1522 articles about the #PalHunger strike
#Israel hopes you forget them
Be the voice of the silenced!

Meet #Israel
Strategically deployed deliberate deprivation
… to Kill
… no Bullets
… just by Deprivation

No abandoned land: Palestinians tend ancestors’ graves in village ethnically cleansed in 1948

#Sarsak speaking at SOAS of the hardships of Palestinian football

Morocco, Malaysia, Qatar, Russia, China, Iraq, & Egypt condemn Israel’s Judaization of #Jerusalem in UNHRC meeting

The masked savages in this video are Israeli squatters stoning a house in #Palestine, protected by the zionist army

Israelis vandalize 28 cars in Palestinian village, graffiti “Arabs out” & *very revealingly* “Racism or assimilation”,7340,L-4393746,00.html

Every Red Dot on the map
Has been 1 of #Palestine’s towns
Eradicated from earth

Former Israeli commander confesses to razing entire villages during Nakba

Israel demolishes public health facilities in Yatta

▶ Israel’s crimes Against Jews
Zionism is not of #Judaism!
#Israel #Palestine

▶ Israel’s Crimes Against Africans
(The best source on internet: @davidsheen‘s website)
#Israel #Racism

▶ Israel’s Crimes Against Christians
#Christianity #Israel #Palestine

Top French rabbi decries Israeli ban on importing geese force-fed to death, calls animal welfare groups “our enemies”

#PalHunger | Eight isolated prisoners go on hunger strike

Israel builds settlements, PA guards them ~ by Khalid Amayreh

Horror: #USSLiberty Survivor Jim Ennes

Bill Clinton received $500,000 for his speech “No Altrnative to #Palestine State”

‘No consequences… ad finitum’ — Reporters reject State Dep’t explanation of US policy on settlements

New Israeli Plan To Rip-off 22500 Dunams From Palestinians In Bethlehem: The Israeli government is planning on…

Setting a dangerous precedent: 16-yr-old Ali Shamlawi faces 25 counts of attempted murder 4 alleged stone throwing

In ’68, Italo Calvino said the only solution in Palestine is ‘the revolutionary road’

Miko Peled In Kuala Lumpur with Friends from Gaza, Dr Mahmoud, Yousef and Ra’ed.

Today we remember 3 Palestinian national heroes who were hung in Akka prison on 6/17/1930 Zeer, Hijazi & Jamjoum …

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