UFree: The occupation seeks to legitimize administrative detention

[ PIC 18/06/2013 – 09:48 PM ]


LONDON, (PIC)– The European Network for the defense of Palestinian prisoners’ rights (UFree) expressed concern about the “Terrorism Law” that was recently proposed by the Israeli government.

UFree considered in a statement that the new law represents an alternative to the state of emergency and contributes, according to many experts, in increasing existing human rights violations by legalizing them, under the pretext of “fighting terrorism”.

The network warned of the seriousness of the new law, saying it would harm the Palestinian people in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the 1948-occupied territories, and will target non-governmental organizations and all those working for the Palestinian cause.

“Israeli police and army will have more powers to humiliate and abuse Palestinians on daily basis.”

UFree added that “the proposed law permits a suspect to be held for up to 96 hours before being brought before a judge, and revises the period of detention of ‘terrorist suspects’ without charge up to 30 days. It also enables court hearings to be held in the absence of the suspect and denial of counsel for prolonged periods.”

Concerning the administrative dentition, it said that the new law gives legal cover for the illegal administrative detention of Palestinian people.

The law enables the minister of defense to prohibit the suspect from leaving a place or area and to impose exit bans from the country for a period of up to one year. It also enables police and army extensive powers to search persons and premises or carry out “any reasonable act” for the enforcement of these limitations, says the proposed law.

According to the law, detainees convicted with ‘terrorism’ will serve 40 years minimum prison sentences, instead of 30, the European network added.

The organization called for exercising pressure on the occupation to deter it from enacting such law, which gives the right to the police and army to arrest any Palestinian for more than 96 hours before appearing before the court, and which violates freedom of movement and prevents “suspects” from leaving the country or even move from one local area to another freely.

UFree also demands the International community to put an end to the Israeli violations committed on a daily basis and to prevent the enactment of the new proposed ‘terrorism law’.

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