Aqsa foundation: The Israeli occupation seeks to make its temple wishes come true

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OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage warned that all events on the ground confirm that the Israeli occupation tends to realize its wishes about the building of the alleged temple of Solomon.

In a press release published Tuesday by Palestine Today newspaper, head of the foundation Egbariya Zaki said that the Jewish groups used to prohibit its followers from visiting the Aqsa Mosque according to the teachings of their Torah, but now the situation is different and there are escalating Jewish calls to defile the Mosque and perform rituals inside it.

Zaki added that this new situation in addition to all steps taken to encourage the Jewish settlers to make offerings or their marriage vows at the Aqsa Mosque, which they falsely describe as the temple mount, portend a looming danger.

He noted that all these violations against the sanctity of the Aqsa Mosque are taking place simultaneously with a ferocious Judaization campaign against Jerusalem.

He said the settlement and Judaization activities almost erased the Arab and Islamic identity of the holy city, which has become strangled by settlement outposts and thus isolated from the other Palestinian cities.

Ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian & Islamic identity

Al Quds, Jerusalem is the main target of the ethnic cleansing to turn the city of “Jerusalem” into the City of David. Occupiedpalestine weblog dedicates this post to create awareness to this ongoing atrocity of the “State of Israel” for the occasion of the awarenesscampaign #Blog4Quds from Jan 18 2012 until Jan 31 2012.

More information about this campaign can be found at the Facebook Group #Blog4Quds

Palestinian families evicted, house demolitions, Arab neighbourhoods totally besieged by Jewish settlements, construction of the tramway of apartheid, excavations under the Al Aqsa mosque…

Video: 10 min, produced in support of the BDS campaign (boycott, disinvestment, sanctions)

Production: Mireille Court and Chris Den Hond
Filmed in April 2009.

Ethnic cleansing in the heart of Al-Quds: Silwan

Silwan, the epic center of ethnic cleansing. Zionist polishing up of facades for the sake of tourism.  Read all about Silwan in the topic: Silwan: No Legend Yet

Art galleries are located in houses, stolen from Palestinians. Lands and homes, annexated for building parcs. Infrastructure neglected to make the people tired and make life unsustainable. It all happens in “Jerusalem” in the “Holy Land” version of Zionism. An ongoing and in speed increasing process of ethnic cleansing for the sake of tourism disguised as archeology.

Ethnic cleansing in East Jerusalem

By Marcy NewmanEast Jerusalem – Electronic Intifada -10 March 2009

An Israeli flag hangs from a Palestinian home in Silwan taken over by Israeli settlers.

Last week when US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held a press conference in Ramallah with Mahmoud Abbas, whose term as Palestinian Authority president officially expired on 9 January, a Washington Post reporter questioned her about the 143 Palestinian homes in Jerusalem that Israel intends to demolish in the coming weeks. She responded: “clearly, this kind of activity is unhelpful and not in keeping with the obligations entered into under the roadmap.” While some hailed this remark as a condemnation of Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing project, it appeared to many on the ground as callous and flippant.

Since the press conference, the number of Palestinian homes Israeli occupation forces intend to level has increased from 143 to 179. It seems that the number of homes and families who will be forced from their homes, and many from their villages entirely, increases every day. Just this past week in the East Jerusalem area, 88 homes in al-Bustan, 55 homes in Shufat refugee camp, 35 Bedouin homes on the Jerusalem-Jericho Road, and 66 homes in al-Isawiyya were slated for destruction, affecting more than 2,000 Palestinians, most of whom have lived there for generations. Ras al-Amoud, al-Abasiyya, Sheikh Jarrah and Ras Khamis appear to be next on the list of targeted areas. The affected families see this method of adding new neighborhoods to the demolition list every day as a means of making it more difficult to challenge and protest these eviction orders.

I recently visited the al-Bustan neighborhood of Silwan, one of the many slated for demolition any day now. The roads into the valley where al-Bustan lies were all closed to Palestinian cars with border police blocking off almost every street. Like many neighborhoods in Jerusalem, the homes reflect a mixture of architectural styles from the Ottoman era to the present, although the Israeli government contends that these homes have been built “illegally” because they have not been granted permission to be built in the first place, a permission that is next to impossible for Palestinians regardless of whether they have an Israeli residency ID or citizenship. Such is the logic of colonialism and ethnic cleansing in Palestine over the last 61 years. And accordingly, a number of Israeli colonists have been confiscating and taking over homes and buildings to pave the way for the wholesale seizure of Palestinian neighborhoods.

It is this history of ethnic cleansing, particularly that of the catastrophe of 1948 when three-quarters of the indigenous Palestinian population were forced from their land and property, an event termed the Nakba, that fuels the solidarity work among Palestinians in Jerusalem. Following the lead of Umm Kamel al-Kurd who put up a tent near her home in Sheikh Jarrah after she was forcibly removed from her home four months ago, other neighborhoods in Jerusalem facing a similar fate have set up such tents as spaces for organizing and encouraging others to stand in solidarity with each neighborhood. Such tents exist now on the Mount of Olives and in Ras Khamis. One of the organizers of the solidarity tent in al-Bustan, Ahmed Siam, told me “We will not let history repeat itself. We learned from history. We will not leave our land like we did in 1948. If they come and kill my son, I will not leave. This is our land. Even if they kill me and only my blood remains, it will remain on this land.” The 7,000 residents of the area intend to fight for their right to stay on their land rather than see it turned into a new, illegal Israeli colony.

The Silwan community is resisting this widespread confiscation of their land — for the purposes of a tourist destination called “the city of David” as well as Jewish-only colonies already surrounding it — by remaining steadfast and staying on their land as member of the al-Bustan Neighborhood Committee Fakhre Abu Diab stated in a letter written to Clinton: “If the Israeli eviction and demolition orders are implanted it will be a catastrophe for our families, children and elders who will suffer the most. In the face of this destruction we are refusing the municipality’s plans and we will not leave our lands and houses nor our community under any circumstances.”

Already the elders and children, in particular, are bearing the brunt of the trauma from the news of this latest catastrophe or Nakba. In the heart of al-Bustan the winding, narrow alleyways with homes tightly packed inside remind one of Palestinian refugee camps. The al-Qadi family who has lived down one of these alleys for 25 years, and in this neighborhood for generations, includes seven children, none of whom have attended school since the orders for their home’s demolition were issued by the Israeli occupation authorities. This is indicative of most families in al-Bustan. They explained to me that they are afraid to send their children to school because at any time they could be forcibly removed from our homes while the children are gone. Ironically, they told me, that two days ago the municipality opened a new school in their neighborhood, but they see this as part of the plan by the Israeli occupation authorities.

As the children suffer without their ability to go to school, so do the elderly. Like many families in al-Bustan, the Bedran family has lived here for centuries. Indeed, many of the houses lining the valley were built in the 1870s. Abed and Fatima Bedran built their home in 1980 on land their family has lived on for centuries; like most Palestinian families they built a new home to accommodate their expanding family. Abed, who is 82 years old, suffered from a stroke and is now bedridden after hearing the news of their eviction and house demolition orders for their neighborhood. They, too, refuse to flee their home.

These are just two of the families resisting the latest Nakba in Palestine, individuals who refuse to become Palestine’s latest refugees. But the latest ethnic cleansing and colonization plans are not limited to Jerusalem. The number of homes scheduled for demolition in all of Palestine is growing every day. While the focus is on East Jerusalem in much of the international media, this week Palestinians in villages near Nablus and Hebron have also received orders to evacuate their homes. In al-Aqraba and Burin near Nablus, Palestinians are being forced to abandon 20 homes and barns by 26 March. As with the homes in East Jerusalem, some of these pre-date the 1967 colonization of the West Bank. Likewise, in al-Baqaa, near Hebron, eight homes are scheduled to be destroyed in a village whose lands have already been stolen for the purposes of illegal colonies and Jewish-only roads. Dozens of Palestinians will become homeless once their homes are confiscated. And in the village of Nilin near Ramallah, Israeli occupation authorities are in the process of expropriating 35.5 acres of land.

Although most of these families are separated by hundreds of checkpoints and established colonies, what the residents of these villages have in common is their steadfast determination to remain in their homes. From Nablus to Jerusalem to Hebron to Nilin they see their most potent means of resistance as remaining in their homes, refusing to live in a constant state of catastrophe, always on the brink of becoming the next refugees. Jawad Abu Ramoz, the son of a refugee from Hebron who fled to Silwan in 1948, is one of the thousands of Palestinians in al-Bustan who rejects a return to the fate of their parents and grandparents, literally and metaphorically.

All images by Marcy Newman.
Dr. Marcy Newman is Associate Professor of English at An Najah National University in Nablus, Palestine. Her writing may be found at

Fighting expulsion and Western hypocrisy in Jerusalem

Electronic Intifada – Aug 19, 2010 — Earlier this summer, Israel arrested Muhammad Abu Tir, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) and Hamas. Israel also ordered two other PLC members, Muhammad Totah and Ahmad Attoun and the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) former minister of Jerusalem affairs Khaled Abu Arafeh to leave their home town of Jerusalem.

Rather than comply with the order, the three men have sought sanctuary in the Red Cross compound in occupied East Jerusalem. Israel’s order is an open violation of international law, which forbids the expulsion of a population from occupied territory, and the three men are hoping the international community will intervene. Their choice of the Red Cross compound while they wait for such intervention has also exposed the hypocrisy of the international donor community, which finances humanitarian aid organizations with a fraction of the funds that are supplied to Israel with military and financial assistance.

While the three taking shelter at the Red Cross are threatened with separation from their families, certain other Palestinian public figures enjoy the limited privileges of a co-oped leadership.

In a farewell article to the four men published in June by The Palestinian Information Center entitled “You Shall Return as Conquerors,” Abdel Sattar Qassem, a prominent Palestinian author, reminds us that there are Palestinian politicians and officials who have received VIP status from the Israeli authorities. This status allows them to travel unimpeded, to shop in Israeli malls or visit Tel Aviv’s beaches. This includes some politicians, like the PA’s appointed Prime Minister Salam Fayyad who are not even elected. Meanwhile, many Palestinian residents of the occupied West Bank, especially children, have not seen the Mediterranean Sea in many years — if ever. When the Minister of Prisoner Affairs Issa Qaraqi took advantage of his VIP status to attend the reception held for members of the Arab Monitoring Committee on their return from Israel’s bloody attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla earlier this summer, his VIP pass was immediately confiscated by Israeli authorities.

In contrast to these VIPs, there are leaders who were elected because they serve their people in their daily struggle against the Israeli occupation, which continues to adopt new rules expanding its apartheid regime. The Palestinian struggle for survival in Jerusalem was always difficult, and has become more unbearable since the 2009 election of Mayor Nir Barkat. Barkat was supported by Jerusalem’s secular public, not surprising since secular Zionists always committed the cruelest crimes against Palestinians from the 1948 dispossession to the winter 2008-09 invasion of Gaza. Under Barkat, the situation for Palestinians has worsened: house demolitions, land expropriation accompanied by new construction of exclusively Jewish settlements, confiscation of identity cards, deportations, families torn apart by Israel’s apartheid wall, and daily harassment by the municipal authorities.

After the three men sought refuge in the Red Cross compound it became a place of pilgrimage almost overnight. Supporters from all levels of Palestinian society and representatives of all political parties visited the three. International delegations have not stopped flowing to the solidarity tent in support of the expelled, among them a group of British lords, as well as Egyptian and Jordanian ambassadors. But most exciting are the constant visits by local delegations from all over Jerusalem, including groups of children from summer camps.

When a group of elementary school students paid a visit, Totah, Attoun and Abu Arafeh welcomed them and treated them with attention and respect, not skipping one handshake for each of their forty little guests. The children asked questions and were treated as seriously and respectfully as the lords and ambassadors.

One of the children asked, “Since they expel adults, will they also expel children?” Abu Arafeh, trying to calm the child’s fears, answered, “I do not think so, but if you will oppose the occupation when you grow up, they may expel you.” The child insisted, “But they expelled one boy to Tel Aviv!” Abu Arafeh acknowledged that the child was right. One child from nearby Silwan was expelled to the the West Bank village of Anata and another child to Tel Aviv, where his elder brother works. There is no way to protect children from knowing the harsh truth.

Meanwhile, Israeli authorities continuously monitor the Red Cross compound, photographing and videotaping all those who enter and leave. A few days ago they suddenly arrested Muhammad Totah’s brother, Muatassem, who was sitting at the compound’s gate, in a case of mistaken identity. Other relatives are constantly threatened with arrest and Totah’s children have complained that they were asked to put pressure on their father to leave the compound and surrender to the police.

Although the men have found refuge in the Red Cross compound, there is no denying the obvious truth that these humanitarian aid organizations serve as a fig leaf for the Israeli occupation. The Red Cross — like the different UN bodies — is one of countless Western humanitarian and nongovernmental organizations that quickly multiplied during the Oslo period (1993-2002). Their activities provide a veneer of respectability to the ongoing negotiations and obscure the continuing Israeli occupation, actually relieving Israel of its obligations as the occupied power.

Since the Red Cross is supposed to protect Palestinian inhabitants of occupied East Jerusalem but has never fulfilled that role, Totah, Attoun and Abu Arafeh have put Red Cross officials in a difficult and awkward position. Since Israel occupied the city in the June 1967 War, 86,226 Palestinians have been stripped of their residency rights. By seeking refuge in the Red Cross compound, the three men have drawn attention to the hypocrisy of the international donor community which funds both the aid organizations and underwrites Israel’s apartheid policies. The principle is clear: human rights organizations multiply in direct proportion to the deepening of oppression. They keep real activists out of the struggle, compete with authentic local organizations, blur the signs of oppression and create an illusion of normality in the overall situation.

Israel, which has often ignored international public opinion, can send its forces into the Red Cross compound at any moment. Such an action will arouse international media attention for a few days at the most. Totah, Attoun and Abu Arafeh are aware that this will be the likely outcome and insist that there is no going back for them. They will not leave the Red Cross compound voluntarily until they are assured of their right to remain in Jerusalem. In the interim, the three men are a source of inspiration and optimism in the depressing daily reality that Palestinians must endure. They are loved not because they are VIPs but because of their boundless devotion to their people. This is what makes them an existential threat to Israel and a strategic threat to the US and its allies.

Rahela Mizrahi has a degree in fine arts from the Betzalel Academy in Jerusalem and is currently completing her second degree, writing on the “Patterns of Expropriation, Conversion, and Appropriation of Palestinian Heritage through Israeli Art” at Tel Aviv University.


Excavation underneath Al-Aqsa Mosque

Again new excavations underneath al-Aqsa mosque which raises many concerns for the mosque as well as the surrounding neighbourhood where Israel is digging tunnels.

Israeli excavations threaten Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock and constitute a flagrant violation of the sanctity of the holy Islamic sites and persistently threaten to bring them down, thus paving the way for their demolition. These excavations are also in violations of The Hague and Geneva Conventions as well as the resolutions of UNESCO, the Security Council and the entire United Nations, and hence deserve attention and action on all levels.

Purpose of the excavations

Since Israel occupied the Old City of Al-Quds in 1967, excavations have sparked demonstrations and objections in the Muslim world. Excavations which make Aqsa Masjid facing  serious dangers, so the concrete measures are required to save it from the danger of collapsing. And while excavations have been going on for over 40 years, only in January 2011 Israel formally admits doing so mainly under the disguise and excuse of archeology

The main and actually sole purpose is to literally undermine and destroy al-Aqsa is to help the Jewish prophecy to rebuild the temple on the same very place where Al-Aqsa is located based on the book of Ezekiel and for which 50.000 square meters have to be ethnic cleansed.

This while the real prophecy of Real Judaism tells, there is no state to establish in the first place untill the “blessed” one returns. Yet, in Israel Judaism or it’s Divine teachings are far to search.


More about Al-Aqsa under threats (PDF)

Al Aqsa under Attack (PDF)

Archaeologist rebuts Jewish claims about their alleged temple

6-12-2011 – PIC – Palestinian archaeologist Jamal Amro declared he made a discovery of 17 ancient coins that vindicated further the false story and belief of Jews about their alleged temple in occupied Jerusalem. The coins date back to 16 AD, which means they were minted 20 years after the death of Herod the Great whom the Jews allege he built the second temple, Amro added.

He demonstrated his finding on Monday in a news conference held by the Islamic-Christian commission for the support of Jerusalem and the popular national congress of Jerusalem in Ramallah city. The archaeologist told the attendees that these coins were found under Al-Buraq wall (wailing wall) which is claimed to be the western wall of the alleged Jewish temple.

He added this discovery confirmed that the building of the wall happened after Herod in the era of Roman ruler Valerius Gratus. He also stated this discovery left the Jewish archaeologists in a state of shock and frustration because it just proved further their false claims and beliefs about the legend of the temple. All archaeological discoveries that were found before this one in the Arab city of Jerusalem and around the Aqsa Mosque date back to ancient Arab and Islamic eras especially the times of Umayyad and Abbasid reigns up to the Ottoman rule, the Palestinian archaeologist said.

Top Israeli archaeologists contest Jewish ties to Jerusalem

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Top Israeli archaeologist Israel Finkelstein has denied the existence of Jewish roots in the city of Jerusalem, contrary to Israel’s claims that have prompted continued Judaization of the city. Finkelstein, a professor at Tel Aviv University, said Jewish archaeologists have failed to unearth historic sites to support some of the stories in the Torah. Among those stories are the Jewish Exodus, the forty-year wandering in the Sinai desert, and Joshua’s victory over the Canaanites.

He also said there was no archaeological evidence that concludes that the alleged Temple of Solomon ever existed.

For his part, Professor of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University Raphael Greenberg said that the Israelis should have found something after digging for six weeks in the City of David in East Jerusalem’s Silwan district, but have found nothing in two years of continuous excavations. Prof. Yoni Mihrazi, an independent archaeologist who has worked with the International Atomic Energy Agency, agreed with Finkelstein’s findings, saying that top settler organization Elad had not stumbled upon even a banner saying “welcome to the city of David”, given that claims were made to have been relying on sacred texts to guide them in their work.

The “Jewish” Claims & Justification

An explanation (by Jewish supporters) of the ligitimacy for the Jewish temple on the coumpound of Al-Aqsa can be seen here (Theory)
The Location of the Next Jewish Temple – Prophecy Today Video

Even the death are not safe: For Israel’s “Tolerance” – Ethnical cleansing of Mamilla Cemetery

October 24, 2011 |  LA Time  REPORTING FROM JERUSALEM — A group of prominent international archaeologists are among the latest people to publicly denounce plans to build a museum on the site of a centuries-old Muslim cemetery not far from Jerusalem’s historic Old City.

In a letter addressed to the board of the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, the mayor of Jerusalem and the director of the Israel Antiquities Authority, all of whom are backing the controversial project, 84 archeologists argued that construction of the museum would desecrate the sanctity of the site, known to be the location of the Mamilla Cemetery, or Ma’man Allah, the sanctuary of God.

The site is “one of the most historically renowned and ancient Muslim cemeteries in the world,”  said the group, which includes American, European, Arab and Israeli architects. “Such insensitivity towards religious rites, towards cultural, national and religious patrimony, and towards families whose ancestors lay buried there causes grave concern from a scientific and humanitarian standpoint.”

The project is slated for 33 acres of land in the heart of Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Municipality gave the property to the Simon Wiesenthal Center.However, the project has been dogged by lawsuits filed by opponents who say not only would it defile a sacred site, but it’s also too large. Differences over architectural design and a turnover of architects have also slowed the project’s launch.The archaeologists contend that such treatment of the burial site would not have occurred if were a Jewish burial site, and they quoted an Israeli official from the Ministry of Religious Affairs as saying that excavations would immediately stop “if one Jewish skeleton were found.”

But the Wiesenthal Center has defeated legal challenges in Israeli courts and has vowed to press ahead with the museum.

In pictures

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Land being “occupied” by fake Jewish graveyards

Aside from the annexation by eviction or expulsion, Israel even installs fake graves to occupy lands stolen from Palestinians: recently again 50 fake graves have been dug and facades set up as an excuse to legitimate the sickening move.

Israel, not only ethnic cleansing Al Quds, but the whole of Palestine

Israel is not looking for peace or coexistence at all. It has only one mission, to achieve the zionist plan of a Greater Israel as published by a radical settler group and it’s working towards this every single day by all means possible to ethnic cleanse Palestine of it’s native people.

After the 1948 Nakba and expulsion of 800.000 people, of which 100.000 Christians, the process of ethnic cleansing continues with every policy imaginable and an Israel which puts itself above literally every  (international) Law, Convention, Treaty and violates all rights of an nation under occupation to which it has obligations as well as stated in the 1907 Hague Regulations and 4th Geneva Convention.

While the world silences.

And put’s unjust hope in so called peacetalks, which are mainly a decoy and buy of time for zionist Israel to continue what it was already doing: commit more ethnic cleansing, build more settlements, grab more land and exile sidewise as many palestinians as possible by denying them entry, evicting them or just by killing them violent or by passive aggression (the largest, silence genocide)

Why Orthodox Jews are opposed to a zionist state

First some introductions from Neturei Karta

1) What is “The People of Israel” ?

  • The People of Israel have existed for thousands of years.
  • They have their own particular, essential nature.
  • The Torah is the source of their essential nature.
  • Without Torah and Faith there is no People of Israel.
  • Whoever denies the Torah and the Faith is no longer part of the People of Israel.
  • The purpose of the People of Israel in this world is Divine Service.
  • Their salvation is occupation in Divine Service.

2) What is Zionism?

  • Zionism is a relatively new thing.
  • It has only existed for a century.
  • Zionism redefines the true essential nature of the People of Israel, and substitutes for it a completely contradictory and opposite character – a materialistic worldly nation.
  • Their misfortune is lack of what other nations possess, i.e. a state and army.
  • Their salvation is possession of a state and army etc.
  • This is clearly spelled out in the circles of Zionist thought, and among the leaders of the Zionist State, that through changing the nature and character of the People of Israel and by changing their way of thinking they can set before the People of Israel “their salvation” — a state and an army.

The People of Israel oppose the so-called “State of Israel” for four reasons:

FIRST — The so-called “State of Israel” is diametrically opposed and completely contradictory to the true essence and foundation of the People of Israel, as is explained above. The only time that the People of Israel were permitted to have a state was two thousand years ago when the glory of the creator was upon us, and likewise in the future when the glory of the creator will once more be revealed, and the whole world will serve Him, then He Himself (without any human effort or force of arms) will grant us a kingdom founded on Divine Service. However, a worldly state, like those possessed by other peoples, is contradictory to the true essence of the People of Israel. Whoever calls this the salvation of Israel shows that he denies the essence of the People of Israel, and substitutes another nature, a worldly materialistic nature, and therefore sets before them, a worldly materialistic “salvation,” and the means of achieving this “salvation” is also worldly and materialistic i.e. to organize a land and army. However, the true salvation of the People of Israel is to draw close to the Creator. This is not done by organization and force of arms. Rather it is done by occupation to Torah and good deeds.

SECOND — Because of all of this and other reasons the Torah forbids us to end the exile and establish a state and army until the Holy One, blessed He, in His Glory and Essence will redeem us. This is forbidden even if the state is conducted according to the law of the Torah because arising from the exile itself is forbidden, and we are required to remain under the rule of the nations of the world, as is explained in the book VAYOEL MOSHE. If we transgress this injunction, He will bring upon us (may we be spared) terrible punishment.

THIRD — Aside from arising from exile, all the deeds of the Zionists are diametrically opposed to the Faith and the Torah. Because the foundation of the Faith and Torah of Israel is that the Torah was revealed from heaven, and there is reward for those who obey it and punishment for those who transgress it. The entire People of Israel is required to obey the Torah, and whoever doesn’t want to, ceases to be part of the congregation of Israel.

FOURTH — Aside from the fact that they themselves do not obey the Torah they do everything they can to prevent anyone they get under their power from fulfilling the commands of the Torah, the claims to freedom of religion are lies. They fight with all of their strength to destroy the Faith of Israel.

The Zionists claim that they are the saviors of Israel, but this is refuted by twelve things:

FIRST — If one contemplates the two thousand years of our exile, take any hundred years even the hardest, one will not find as much suffering, bloodshed, and catastrophes for the People of Israel in the period of the Zionists, and it is known that most of the suffering of this century was caused by the Zionists, as our Rabbis warned us would be the case.

SECOND — It is openly stated in books written by the founders of Zionism that the means by which they planned to establish a state was by instigating anti-Semitism, and undermining the security of the Jews in all the lands of the world, until they would be forced to flee to their state. And thus they did – They intentionally infuriated the German people and fanned the flames of Nazi hatred, and they helped the Nazis, with trickery and deceit, to take whole Jewish communities off to the concentration camps, and the Zionists themselves admit this. (See the books Perfidy, Min Hameitzor, etc.). The Zionists continue to practice this strategy today. They incite anti-Semitism and then they present themselves as the “saviors”. Here are two replies given by Leaders of the Zionists during World War II, when they were asked for money to help ransom Jews from the Nazis. Greenbaum said “One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland.” (G-d forbid).
Weitzman said, “The most important part of the Jewish people is already in the land (of Israel) and those who are left, are unimportant” (May we be spared).

THIRD — We see that most of world Jewry lives in security and under good physical conditions, and have no desire to go live in the Zionist State. Whereas many people have left the Zionist State to live under better conditions in other lands.

FOURTH — The Zionists make a great deal of propaganda to induce people to immigrate to their state. If their state is so beneficial why do they have to make so much propaganda.

FIFTH — Because nobody wants the Zionists to “save” them. The only way they can get immigrants is by promising poor people material benefits, and even then very few people respond.

SIXTH — The Zionist State is always threatened by the dangers of war. Whereas the rest of world Jewry live in peace and security, (Except in a few places where the Zionists have undermined their security and fanned the flames of hatred)

SEVENTH — The Zionist State could not continue to exist without economic support from Jews living outside of the Zionist State.

EIGHTH — The Zionist State is on the verge of economic collapse, and their money is nearly worthless.

NINTH — The Zionist State persecute all Jews who are loyal to their Faith.

TENTH — They start wars that endanger the Jewish People, for the sake of their own political interests.

ELEVENTH – According to the Torah the path of safety is following ways of peace not starting fights with other nations, as the Zionists do.

TWELFTH — Even if the Zionists could and would provide physical security it would be at the expense of our Faith and Our Torah the true People of Israel prefer death rather than life at such a cost.

It is therefore clear that Zionism is not the savior of the people of Israel. Rather it is their greatest misfortune.

Even though there are some observant Jews and rabbis, who approve of the Zionists, this is not the opinion of the Torah.

The Zionists have enough control over the American news media to make sure that only their side of the story is heard.

They make it look like all Jewry and their rabbis are Zionists, but this is false propaganda.

The most important Rabbis and the majority of religious Jewry are opposed to Zionism, but their voice is not heard because of Zionist control of American news media.

The Zionists terrorize everyone who speaks out against them.

That part of the Jewish masses which is fooled by Zionist propaganda puts pressure on their Rabbis not to speak out.

Between the terror and the pressure of the masses most of the Rabbis are prevented from speaking out.

We bring three testimonies of the true opinion of the Torah.

1) In the past two thousand years of the dangers and sufferings of exile not once did any of the Sages of Israel suggest that we make a state to protect ourselves. In every generation we had thousands of Sages well versed in the Torah.

2) We have thousands of legal work of Torah law that have been handed down to us by the Sages of all generations. Not once do we see a word suggesting the establishment of a state. What we do find is warnings against it.

3) The founders of Zionism were all atheists who denied the Torah. All the Torah Sages of that time opposed them and opposed Zionism, saying that Zionism would lead only to destruction.

However the true People of Israel will never change their nature or give up their Faith because of the strength the Creator gives them.

Zionism is a foreign growth in the body of the Jewish People. The end will be that it will rid itself of this foreign growth and remain pure.

Zionism has overcome the Jewish people by force, fraud and terror, but none of this will help them because the truth will always remain with the help of the Creator.

Zionism will not replace the Jewish People. The Jewish People will remain strong in their faith and the Zionist State will cease to exist.

It is therefore, our demand that the State that calls itself ISRAEL, should cease to exist. Since this won’t be done, we demand that they cease to call themselves “Israel”, because their entire being is in complete opposition to the true People of Israel. The true People of Israel deny them permission to call themselves by that name. The Zionist leaders have no right to set themselves up as the representatives and spokesmen of the true People of ISRAEL.

Since we know they will not fulfill this demand either we feel that at least we cry out the truth. The truth will always remain the truth. By no means or force can the truth be changed. Even if all the world would say that one and one is three, the truth will remain that one and one is two.

Let the truth be declared. The use of the Name “ISRAEL” by that State is a complete falsification. The People of Israel have nothing to do with that State. Zionism and its State have no share and no part in the true ISRAEL.


130 Year Record of the fight of Real Judaism against Zionism

Neturei-Karta is the Aramaic term for “Guardians of the City. The name Neturei-Karta originates from an incident in which R. Yehudah Ha-Nassi (Rabbi Judah the Prince) sent R. Hiyya and R. Ashi on a pastoral tour of inspection. In one town they asked to see the “guardians of the city” and the city guard was paraded before them. They said that these were not the guardians of the city but its destroyers, which prompted the citizens to ask who, then, could be considered the guardians. The rabbis answered, “The scribes and the scholars,” referring them to Tehillim (Psalms) Chap. 127. (Jerusalem Talmud, Tractate Hagiga. 76c).

The name was given to a group of Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem who refused (and still refuse) to recognize the existence or authority of the so-called “State of Israel” and made (and still make) a point of publicly demonstrating their position, the position of the Torah and authentic unadulterated Judaism.

The group was founded in Jerusalem, Palestine in 1938, splitting off from Agudas Yisroel. Agudas Yisroel was established in 1912 for the purpose of fighting Zionism. Gradually lured by money and honor they sold out to the “Golden-Calf” (see Exodus, XXXII) of Zionism. Those who wanted to maintain their faith and continue the struggle against Zionism, dissociated themselves from Agudas Yisroel and associated parties.

So the rabbis speak out. Judaism is fighting zionism long before any establishment of the “State of Israel” itself. 130 years. Read, the 130 year long religious record of the Rabbis for Real Judaism.

Action Alert ▶ Global March To Jerusalem – March 30, 2012

Nov 1. 2011  First call of the International Committee of the Global March towards Jerusalem
On 30 March 2012, from all continents we will converge and gather along the Palestinian borders with Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, with the participation of delegations joining us from every country in the world in a peaceful march towards Palestine.

Since the Zionist occupation of 78% of Palestine in 1948, and the subsequent occupation of Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine in 1967, we have witnessed growing efforts to Judaize Jerusalem and colonize Palestine. These crimes against humanity are done under the political protection and full support of successive American administrations and enforced by its veto at the United Nations.

The goal of the Zionists is to force Palestinian residents out of Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine through acts of state terrorism, economic pressures, legal restrictions, and outright expulsions. The Holy city of Jerusalem is falsely called “the eternal capital of Israel” by Netanyahu and other Zionist leaders who clearly state that Jerusalem is non-negotiable. Such statements and related actions by the Zionists are absolutely inconsistent with all of the relevant United Nations resolutions on Jerusalem and contrary to the principles of international law.

The dominant position within the Israeli political, military and religious leadership is that Israel has a right to occupy all of historic Palestine. The “ultimate solution” as envisaged by the Zionists is to complete the ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians from historic Palestine and in the meantime apply a system of apartheid.

And yet Jerusalem is our common universal heritage including being revered by followers of all monotheistic religions. This remarkable and historic city of great antiquity is also venerated across the world for enhancing the heritage of all of humanity.

The city of Jerusalem has always been a beacon of emancipation and hope to the downtrodden. It has symbolized the unity and equality of all of God’s creation and the message of love, mercy and compassion. Millions of people who love Jerusalem are concerned for the safety and sanctity of the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock Mosque, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and other sacred properties under the Zionist plan to change and dismantle the structure of the society of Jerusalem, obliterating its Arab identity and changing the character of the city.

Jerusalem and all of Palestine need to be liberated, redeemed and restored as a land of freedom and coexistence by people of the world from all religious and cultural backgrounds.

As part of this movement and at the invitation of Palestinians, we decided to organize a Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) aimed at raising awareness of the mortal threat to Jerusalem and all of Palestine by the hands of Zionists and helping us move closer to the day of freedom.

On 30 March 2012, from all continents we will converge and gather along the Palestinian borders with Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, with the participation of delegations joining us from every country in the world in a peaceful march towards Palestine.

Therefore, we ask all people of good conscience to join us.


Save Al-Aqsa – Save Al-Quds

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Al-Aqsa Assault – February 19, 2012 – Video & Photography
Al-Aqsa Assault – February 24, 2012 – Photography

Global March to Jerusalem | Al-Quds

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Watch Caught on Camera: Ethnic Cleansing

Israel’s Jerusalem municipality plans to build more than 50,000 (updated Dec 3, 2011: 85.000) new homes in the city’s occupied eastern sector over two decades:

  • 23,628 homes have already been approved, 20,263 in East Jerusalem and 3,365 in the west.
  • 13,824 are pending review, 12,819 in East Jerusalem and 1,005 in the west.
  • 23,266 housing units are still in planning stages, 19,281 in the east and 3,985 in the west.

Of these, the municipality plans:

  • 10,366 homes in northern East Jerusalem, including illegal Israeli settlement Pisgat Zeev and Palestinian town Beit Hanina.
  • 5,239 homes in southern East Jerusalem, including Gilo settlement and Palestinian district Beit Safafa.
  • 4,886 new units in central eastern Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan and Jerusalem’s Old City.

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Besides this, Israel approved plans to ethnic cleanse 57.000 bedouin from Palestine

Save yourself time. It is only about this : Ethnic Cleansing

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