Aruri calls on the Fatah leadership to stop political arrests

[ PIC 19/06/2013 – 09:36 AM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Sheikh Saleh Aruri, a member of Hamas political bureau, confirmed that the political arrests and summonses carried out in West Bank by PA security forces violate the reconciliation talks.

He pointed out that the recent escalation in political arrests has a negative impact on the reconciliation implementation.

Aruri stressed on the right of the West Bank youths to live in dignity and freedom away from political arrests and summonses.

He called on Fatah leadership to stop all security violations in the West Bank and to reinforce freedoms as a crucial step towards subsequent attainment of true national reconciliation.

For its part, the Committee representing families of Political Prisoners in the West Bank called on the Freedoms Committee, established under the reconciliation talks, to stand firmly against PA political arrest policy and to work for the release of the political detainees in PA jails.

The political detainees’ families expressed in a letter to the Freedoms Committee their deep concern over their sons’ detention conditions and expressed their disappointment following the failure of the Cairo reconciliation meeting, on May 31, to get their sons released.

The letter coincided with “It Makes No Difference to Me” campaign that was launched by Palestinian youths in West Bank calling for civil disobedience against PA security forces’ harassments.

The political detainees’ families pointed out to the escalated political arrests and summonses since the reconciliation meeting.

According to data released by the Committee representing families of Political Prisoners in the West Bank, 118 Palestinian citizens were arrested or interrogated by the PA since the recent reconciliation meeting in early June, pointing out that more than 15 thousand Palestinian citizens were summonsed since 2007.

The committee confirmed that the martyr Saadi al-Sakhel who died in PA Intelligence headquarters, was arrested with his son without the public prosecutor’s permission.

The letter mentioned the fact that dozens of political detainees spent long years behind PA bars away from their families.

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