Hamas Leader Ja’afra announces hunger strike in PA’s Preventive’s jail in al-Khalil

[ PIC 19/06/2013 – 09:57 PM ]


AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Palestinian Authority’s security court in the city of al-Khalil extended the detention of the Hamas leader and liberated prisoner Abdel Karim al-Ja’afra for 24 hours pending interrogation.

His wife said that the court refused on Wednesday afternoon to release her husband at the request of the Preventive Security Service, which stated that it has not completed interrogating him.

Al-Ja’afra was abducted from a mosque in Tarqumiya town west of al-Khalil on Tuesday, less than two months after his release from the Israeli jails. He is a former political detainee in PA jails and a liberated prisoner from Israeli prisons, where he had served more than 13 years, including 7 years in administrative detention.

His wife confirmed that he has announced going on hunger strike since the moment of his arrest, and that he is determined to continue his strike until his release.

The Preventive Security Service has also stormed and searched a number of houses in the town of Shyoukh in al-Khalil on Wednesday.

A source in Halaiqa family said elements of the apparatus stormed the houses belonging to brothers of MP Samira Halaiqa, and started digging inside the houses.

Update June 20, 2013

The head of International Relations in the Islamic Resistance Movement has said that political arrests made by the Palestinian Authority against Hamas members do not reflect any serious intention towards national reconciliation. Osama Hamdan pointed out that since 2007 the PA has arrested or summonsed around 15,000 fellow Palestinians, mostly affiliates of the groups opposed to Fatah, including Hamas. “Almost 120 people were arrested in the first two weeks of June alone,” he noted. http://www.middleeastmonitor.com/news/middle-east/6336-pa-has-arrested-15000-palestinians-in-six-years

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