PALESTINE NEWS | June 19, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
June 19,  2013 | 24213 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2199 days
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Today’s News

The Closure Continues – Report on the Impact of the Israeli Closure of Gaza

Trial of two hunger strikers Emad Al-Batran and Ayman Etbaish adjourned

Hamas Leader Ja’afra announces hunger strike in PA’s Preventive’s jail in al-Khalil

Israel considers using dogs to attack Palestinian workers legitimate

IOF summons prisoners’ rights activist

Ashkelon prison witnesses tension: Sick prisoners amid deliberate medical neglect increasing

Israel prevents tractors entering to lands behind the Apartheid Wall

10,300 new settlement units in the West Bank within three months (Settling: Still a Warcrime by Law!)


#Netherlands will veto #EU sanctions over Israeli settlements: minister 

End Human Rights Violation, Release Dirar Abu Sisi

Michael Walzer justifies targeted killings at “war session” of Israeli conference honoring Shimon Peres.

#Google #Palestine Homepage to Stay as is, Despite Israeli Push For it to Say ‘Palestinian Territories’

UPDATED: Illegal settler colonisers attack workers in Asira

Nakba Day protest calls for end to EU funding of Israeli arms companies |

State officials in California sign letter denouncing BDS movement on college campuses (Alex Kane, Mondoweiss)

It’s Foreign Policy, Stupid: Judging Politics in the Arab World

Cisco to invest in Israeli venture capital funds

Six homes in Sarra threatened with demolition orders

Israel in on rampage: demolished for the 52nd time the entire Bedouin village of Araqib!

Anatomy of Land Theft – Bethlehem redefined

Hamdan: The PA is not serious about ending the division

Jordanian Abdallah Barghouthi on hunger strike until transfer to Jordan

Protest to the closure measures at Jaffa Gate 

Malaysia Voices Deep Concern About Israel’s Intention to Divide Al-Aqsa Mosque

Aqsa foundation: The Israeli occupation seeks to make its temple wishes come true

Anywhere but here

VIDEO | Shackling Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation’s hospitals

Israeli forces detain 10 in West Bank arrest raids

A recipe for diplomatic collapse

Google and google searches: Jerusalem

Thaer Halahleh moved to Hadassah hospital

Blair says: Time running out for Mideast peace

Israeli occupation forces blasts doors, raid homes and stores, kidnap citizens in West Bank

Rachel Shabi: These ‘build build build’ comments go to the heart of Israel’s problems

India to fund construction of West Bank schools

Israel changes path of its segregation wall in Rantis village for oil and gas looting

Israel is stealing Palestinian oil and gas

Make peace – or die as a Jewish democratic state warns Clinton

Jewish settlers damage cars, draw racist graffiti in Palestinian village

Jolie calls for more aid to Syrian refugees

Idan Landau: House demolitions – Zionism’s constant background noise

Israeli assaults Al-Aqsa Mosque guard

PA cuts off aid to Palestinian activist in bid to boost peace efforts

So according to ADL,7340,L-4393257,00.html
100K  Hareidim who protested Zionism are Anti Semites?? v.@netureikartausa

Israel Fails To Get Google To Change ‘Palestine’ Homepage

In Israel/WB, 788 price tag attacks in 18 months,7340,L-4394072,00.html

Here’s why police aren’t stopping them:

Masked Israeli security men nab Jerusalemites

Stuffing their mouths with money

Doc Jazz (@docjazzmusic) takes social media break

Israeli gunboats fire at Palestinian fishing boats

#GazaUnderAttack | Qarara, Deir Al-Balah and Khan Younis – Southern Gaza comes under sea and land gunfire

Praise The Lord and Pass the Ammunition – Evangelist for Drone Warfare Drones for Jesus by DAVID SWANSON…

Check out BADIL’s #OngoingNakba Education Center: 
, always accepting #SUBMISSIONS documenting Pali displacement

#GazaUnderAttack | Israeli forces open fire at Gaza farmers

#GazaUnderAttack June 19, 2013
| Full List of 194 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations
| Updated

Aruri calls on the Fatah leadership to stop political arrests

On #WorldRefugeeDay, BICOM’s @Shachtman publishes a denial of the Palestinian refugees’ Nakba.

Mother arrested visiting child in Israeli prison
#israel #Palestine

Palestine Monetary Authority launches its social media pages – AME Info (press release)–launches-social-345880

“Automated Annexation”: Israel informing Palestinians of land confiscation by mail

Follow Rashidiyeh Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon on FB for News and Photography

Michael Hasting died. He was one of the few to report the truth. Here’s his nail in the Petraeus Coffin

UN warns refugee numbers at 20-year-high

Soldiers Invade Teqoua’ Near Bethlehem

PA to increase prisoner allowances during Ramadan

New report on obstacles faced by Palestinian citizens of Israel to getting a college education

Rockets fired from Gaza Strip toward southern Israel Xinhua

Interview with David Koff on his groundbreaking 1981 film ‘Occupied Palestine’

Now we’ll C media berzerk:

193 cease fire violations by Israel
#Gaza #Israel

..oh no..
| Wanted Dead NOT Alive

115 residents from Jerusalem arrested in last 24 hours

Intimidation of #Palestine solidarity activism should be brought to light ~ by The Boston Globe (@BostonGlobe)

Obama’s ‘transparent’ NSA interview points debunked ~ by @RT_com

Settlers Attack Village Near Nablus torch room of the guard of the local water storage facility

JUST IN: Historic Mass Protest outside the EU Parliament in Bruissels will take place on coming Monday. DTF. stay tuned!

The @TrueTorahJews of Europe will send next monay the same clear message as we in New York last week sunday, “We are Jews – Not Zionists”!,

Three Palestinians Kidnapped In Qabalan Town

Israeli distributes administrative demolition orders in Silwan

Palestinian writers refused UK visas

The Palestinian Authority insults our intelligence | Jalal Abukhater (@JalalAK_jojo)

6 Palestinians killed in Syria refugee camp

Former Israeli commander: We razed entire villages in 1948

PA security forces arrest 5 Hamas members

Settler dogs attack Palestinian villagers near Hebron

Most Moral Army (NOT) of #Israel
Watch a Israeli army dog-attack

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