Three sick detainees from Jenin appeal for medical care

[ PIC 18/06/2013 – 09:53 PM ]


JENIN, (PIC)– Three detained Palestinians from Jenin have appealed for urgent medical intervention to deal with their difficult conditions in Israeli captivity.

A report by the Palestinian prisoner’s society in Jenin said on Tuesday that Sami Aridi, 33, is held in Megiddo jail and is suffering from high blood pressure, breathing difficulty, and weakness in the heart.

It added that Aridi has been in Israeli jails for over 14 years and is serving a 19-year sentence.

The society said that prisoner Mohammed Mirdawi, 34, is suffering from problems in his lungs and blood clotting. It added that he has served 14 years of his 28-year sentence.

It said that Nabil Mughir, 31, is serving a 24-year sentence and has been detained for 12 years and was also suffering difficult health conditions. It added that the last two were held in Eshel prison.

Ahmed Mirdawi, Mohammed’s brother, said that Mohammed’s health was declining due to the delay in his medical treatment and in providing him with medication.

He said that Mohammed underwent a surgery before his arrest and part of his lung was removed, adding that inflammation following the surgery worsened his condition that has been daily deteriorating.

Rami Aridi, Sami’s brother, said that Sami was suffering from fatigue and irregular heartbeat as a result of his condition, adding that despite all appeals no necessary examination was made.

Tarek Mughir, Nabil’s brother, expressed concern over fate of his brother and of all sick detainees in light of the Israeli deliberate medical neglect of their conditions.

He said that his brother was suffering from ulcer, breathing difficulty, sinus inflammation, disc in his neck, swelling in his hands, and movement difficulty due to the bad incarceration conditions.

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