PALESTINE NEWS | June 22, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
June 22,  2013 | 24216 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2202 days
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Today’s News

Palestine film festivals to open in Chicago and London, plus other cinema news – The Electronic Intifada (blog)

IOA forces Jerusalemite to demolish his own home

A Jerusalemite self-demolishes his home in Al-Sa’dyeh neighbourhood in the old city of Jerusalem

Gaza’s Arab Idol finalist gives Palestinians a reason to smile – Al-Arabiya

Israeli excavations and Judaization in the Ibrahimi mosque

Tulkarem worker dies after falling from building

IOF soldiers quell march to Jerusalem

Israeli forces disperse Nabi Saleh protest

Israeli plan to build tunnels between Jews’ zone and Buraq plaza

Extremists perform religious rituals inside Al-Aqsa…and the attack of one guard

Settlers attack Palestinian shepherds near Nablus

PA police detain 2 over hacked Facebook account

Israel approves construction of hundreds of settlement units south of al-Khalil

Can Israel attack Syria over the Golan Heights? IDF Forces Complete Drill for Future War with Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas

Prosecutor: Palestine could join ICC – Ma’an News Agency

Fatah Committee member: Haifa, Jaffa are Palestinian – Jerusalem Post

Fire kills hundreds of chickens in Hebron

USAID stops funding Palestinian NGOs

Hamas welcomes UN report condemning Israeli crimes against children

Ashkelon prisoners appeal for help, threaten to boycott prison infirmary

Man injured in shootout with Gaza police

MK Baraka: The killing of a settler doubted as an Arab reflected Israel’s racism

“Next time we will pray in Jerusalem” – activists demonstrate at apartheid checkpoint blocking access to occupied Jerusalem

Demonstration in solidarity with the Jordanian strikers in Ramallah

Premier Haneyya: Egypt to host an int’l conference on Jerusalem soon

PA: Israel to let Assaf enter West Bank

Hundreds of thousands watch Palestinian ‘Idol’ Assaf perform

Obama support for Palestinian state mere lip service – PressTV

The meaning of a two-state solution (Ben White, Middle East Monitor)

Concession from Abbas persuades Hamdallah to go back on resignation

Israel refuses to investigate torture of 16-year-old (Adri Nieuwhof, The Electronic Intifada)

Hamas hangs two Palestinians found guilty of spying for Israel

7 Israeli attacks against Palestinian schools since the beginning of 2013

US military presence in Jordan expands to 1,000 troops

Four Injured, Palestine TV Reporters Kidnapped In Kufur Qaddoum

Haneyya receives Mubadara leader

Ashton Arrives In Gaza, Visits UNRWA School

Israeli occupation bulldozes a school in Qalqilya

IOF quell different marches in W. Bank

Palestinian Refugees in Syria discussed in a public meeting at the Parliament

Multilingual Israeli 24-hour news TV to launch July 1

Report: US delegation visits E1

Source: Hamas officials leave Cairo for Beirut

Khudari calls on Ashton to pressure Israel to end Gaza siege

UN: Israeli forces abuse Palestinian children

Around 42.1 of the Total Population in Palestine are Refugees, says Statistics Bureau

3 Palestinians hurt in West Bank clashes

Hamas demands UN to shoulder its responsibilities toward Palestinian refugees

The pair who spread hatred

Who Wants To Be Prime Minister? Not Rami Hamdallah

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