PALESTINE NEWS | June 29, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
June 29,  2013 | 24223 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2209 days
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Today’s News

Hamas warns against ‘futile’ negotiations

Palestinian’s ‘Arab Idol’ victory is a reminder that there’s nothing to fear

Zionist occupation interrogates prisoner

Israeli occupation troops arrest two Palestinians south of Gaza

Palestine’s Christians are often highlighted, but there is little discussion of modern Palestinian Christian thought

Organize to Stop the Jewish National Fund 

Israel arrests unarmed Palestinians crossing Gaza border

What’s in a day in 65 years…
Kerry extends Mideast peace mission into third day

Settler attack fended off by vigilant residents of Azzun

Kerry’s last effort

Video: Gaza in Shadows ~ at @IsmPalestine

US and Israeli Intelligence: The Practice of Torture

Political detainee Qaher Abu Kamal transferred to hospital in Ramallah

PA premier’s security vehicle involved in road accident

More Israeli settler-terrorism: Settlers attack two Palestinian buses in Jerusalem

Addustour: Kerry is to hold a quartet meeting in Amman soon

Khudari to Kerry: The only way to achieve peace is to end the occupation

Netanyahu’s grip on the reins of government is loosening: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin…

Right Now: Israeli forces is demolishing the house of Abu Rmaileh family in Silwan village, Jerusalem. occupied Palestine

YouTube removes video calling on Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys) to cancel Israel concert 

Leak inquiry launched over ‘NYT’ story on American-Israeli cyberwar targeting Iran

BDS Is Not Misguided, It’s Backed By International Law 

Israeli Prime Minister directly involved in efforts against BDS movement

International Law And Justice

General strike in northern 1948-Palestine to protest demolition of a house

Hamas: New Israel war on Gaza unlikely

‘Israel drills in (ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED !) Golan not theoretical’

PCHR Weekly Report: 6 Palestinians wounded, 35 abducted in 48 Israeli incursions this week

The 2 Palestinian women activists arrested yesterday at #Nabisaleh are being held at Hasharon prison & will have court 2morrow @ Ofer prison

Zionist Settlers Burn Palestinian Farmlands Near Nablus

Zionist run ‘OFAC given carte blanche to target Iran’ ~by

McDonalds Strikes a Blow for Legitimacy

New Israeli plan to annex Palestinian land for electricity project in Rouha

‘Most moral’ Israeli soldiers round up two boys in Asakra Village

McDonald’s not to operate in West Bank

HasbaAretz covering article on kid-soldiers, WHATEVER! Watch: Israel’s military indoctrination of children

Khawaja take a back seat: Palestine speaks ~ by @docjazzmusic

Israeli occupation soldiers shoot at, wound Palestinian in Qalandia

3 Palestinians detained in el-Arish with fake documents

Palestinian shot dead in Sinai, wife critically injured

Kerry steps up shuttle talks with Abbas and Netanyahu

White House Threatens To End Aid if Palestine Joins ICC(press release)

Israeli Settler wants to “Kill All #Christians” – GroundReport – World News & Opinions

▶ Israel’s crimes Against Jews
Zionism is not of #Judaism!
#Israel #Palestine

▶ Israel’s Crimes Against Africans
(The best source on internet: @davidsheen‘s website)
#Israel #Racism

▶ Israel’s Crimes Against Christians
#Christianity #Israel #Palestine

#Israeli military opens fire at #Palestinian farmers’ lands adjacent to the isolation fence in Central area east of the #Gaza Strip.

لن نسامح وسنظل نكافح من اجل فلسطين

UK recognizes what rest of us have known 4 yrs: Pam Geller is dangerous Muslim-hating nut|

Palestinians protest Israeli demolition of house in Wadi Ara

QUB Palestine Society disheartened by  intimidatory ‘lawfare’ against Newry&Mourne Council by UK Lawyers 4 Israel

Real ‘Brotherhood’…
Egypt security seizes weapons in Sinai

Security clampdown disrupts Gaza smuggling – News24

Palestinian FM Meets Maltese PM

“Knocking on the gates of Jerusalem”: demonstration against injustice of Israeli occupation

Gaza FM hails statement of Finnish Minister of Cooperation Heidi Hautala

Middle aged Palestinian man from Beddawi Camp has been shot & killed whilst traveling home from his job in Tripoli. Lebanon

EU’s envoy to Tel Aviv says nobody wants ban on exports from settlements. This is a lie. | @dvcronin | @intifada

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